Is it possible to tow another machine on the machine? Expert opinion


Motorists often heard that the processtowing on the manual differs slightly from the same process on the "automatic". In the profile car forums on this issue, serious disputes erupt - but no one can say anything concrete on this topic. Even the owners of cars with automatic transmissions are at times not sure whether it is possible to tow another machine on the machine. And if you can, how? This question, which stirs the minds of many, is answered by experts.


Sometimes towing is just necessary. For example, a car is stuck in the snow and for certain reasons there is no way to call a tow truck or rescue service. According to the theory, every car owner with automatic transmissions knows that it is better not to take part in tugboats.

tow another machine on the machine or not
But what if any other means of helpare not available? And if you think logically, the automatic transmission quite pullily pulls loaded trailers. And what other car, attached to the rope, worse? Special difficulties should not be. Naturally, no one wants to risk his automatic transmission, but to throw a friend or just an unfamiliar person on the track is simply ugly. Drivers are a special people and among them there is still a driver's solidarity. And after all, many motorists did not even read the instructions to their car to say exactly whether it is possible to tow another machine on the machine.

General set of rules for towing with automatic transmission

The weight of the car you need to take ontug, should not be more than the mass of the tow. It is better when it is smaller. Even if there are heavy loads in the other car, it is recommended to shift them to the front car. This will be less dangerous for automatic transmission. On the question "can I tow another machine of a larger mass on the machine", the auto experts answer categorically - no. Naturally, this does not apply to emergency and overtly extreme cases. It is important to check the oil levels in the box before the process. When the towing is carried out, the oil consumption is increased approximately in 1,5-2 times? and if the lubricant is not enough, the life of the box is reduced several times. Experts do not advise the use of lowering gears when towing.

Is it possible to tow a car with a box machine?
But that's not all. It is not recommended to switch even to the D position. It is best to pull another car in the 2-3 modes. Starting from the spot and the movement itself should be as smooth as possible. Do not start abruptly, with jerks and other sharp movements. There are other recommendations, but they may differ depending on the brand and model of the car, such as the installed automatic transmission and some other factors. If these conditions are met, towing is allowed.

Differences from cars with automatic transmissions

If the car with the manual gear is pulled, then on neutraltransmission in the mechanism will rotate only one gear. When the car is towed with an automatic machine, the whole mechanism rotates in the neutral position. This is the question of whether it is possible to tow a car with a box machine. Since the automatic transmission mechanism was not created for such work, the automatic box very quickly overheats in this mode and may well fail. Particularly it is necessary to note the question of lubrication. The oil pump only works if the engine is started. But, most likely, the car will be towed with a muffled motor, which means that the details in the transmission system are not smeared. This can lead to the fact that the automatic transmission will simply fail, and the owner is waiting for expensive repairs. If the machine with automatic transmission itself acts as a tug, then the transmission in this case experiences serious additional loads. And if there are no restrictions in the case of the manual transmission, it is necessary to make certain "discounts" for the automatic checkpoint, so as not to ruin the mechanism.

Auto with automatic transmission as tow

Manufacturers, responding to the question "is it possibletowing on the machine of another machine ", it is recommended to avoid such situations. If there are no other solutions, then it is necessary to follow certain rules.

towing on the machine of another machine
So, preference is best given not to the traditionala cable, and a rigid coupling. As already noted in the general recommendations, the weight of the towed vehicle should not exceed the weight of the towing vehicle. The speed does not exceed 30-40 km / h. The transmission must not stand on the "Drive".
can I tow another machine on the machine
It is better to set it to "2" or "3". Also, experts recommend switching to lower gears. This will help reduce the load on the transmission mechanism.

How to tow correctly

Since installed on different modelscars automatic transmission can significantly differ from each other, see if it is possible to tow another machine on the machine, best in the instructions to the car. There you can find information on how long you can pull the car and what speed to adhere to. Manufacturers can set different parameters. But it is rare that they completely prohibit towing. Of course, such advice will be suitable if it is known about the need for towing in advance and there is a possibility and time to study the instructions. When such an opportunity is not available (and such situations happen very often), experts and experienced car owners recommend resorting to a certain "golden middle".

Compromise solution

So, according to experts, many cars,equipped with automatic transmission, can act as a tug and tow. But you can drive in this way only up to thirty kilometers. The speed should not exceed 30 km / h.

Is it possible to tow on another machine's machine?
If it is necessary to continue pulling the machine andfurther, then after a mark of 30 kilometers it is necessary to give automatic transmission a rest. Otherwise it will overheat. This will entail expensive repairs. In addition to advice and recommendations for specific cars, there are general rules that are already partially discussed at the beginning of the article. This is a towing on the machine of another car in the second or third gear. If the auto with automatic transmission itself needs to be pulled, then the selector is set to the neutral position.

More about proper towing with automatic transmission

This is another opinion that differs from the wholethe foregoing. The driving car should move as slowly as possible. It is better to operate the modes of operation of the transmission in manual mode. They move first from the second speed. And when the revs on the tachometer exceed 3-3.5 thousand rpm, you can switch to "L". And only after that the selector is transferred to position "D".

whether it is possible to tow on the machine another machine of greater mass
But overdrive should be disabled at the same time. Use increased gears is strictly not worth it, especially if it's a long distance. So the resource of elements of automatic transmission will decrease. You should move as carefully as possible. There should be no sudden braking and starts. The jerks provoke a dynamic load, which is several times the static load. At the same time, the weight of the towed car is increased by tens of times.
can I tow another machine on the machine with the opinion of experts
That's why experts recommendUse not a rope for towing, but a rigid hitch. And yet, the car was on the sidelines and you need to tow another machine on the machine. It is possible or not? From all that comes out, you can, but with extreme caution.

Towing all-wheel drive with four-wheel drive

It is worth paying attention to all-wheel drive carsand the question of their towing. Often manufacturers recommend moving such cars only on tow trucks. If there is no such specialized transport, then the all-wheel drive SUV is pulled by the method of partial loading of the front or rear axle. Coupling, both rigid and flexible, is not welcomed and highly undesirable.

But what about the variator?

Variatory automatic transmission deserves special attention. Here, to find out whether it is possible to tow another machine on the machine, it is necessary to carefully study the instruction. So, for some variants of automatic transmissions, it is recommended to set the box in a neutral position.

can I tow another machine on the machine with the opinion of experts
For others, the engine must work. For third-party vehicles, towing can be completely banned.


Is it possible to tow another machine on the machine? The opinion of experts on this issue is the same: "It is possible, but only after reading the instructions to the car." So you do not damage the expensive automatic gearbox mechanisms and eliminate the risk of expensive repairs.