ZAZ "Chance" - technical characteristics and design


Five-door sedan of domestic production ZAZ"Chance" is mass-produced since 2009. In fact, this model is a copy of Chevrolet Lanos. The only difference is the name and price. The first copies of the "Chance" were presented to the public in the late 90's, but they were only called "Daewoo Lanos" (Korea). In its homeland in Korea, Lanos ceased production in 2002, after which the idea of ​​production was intercepted by Ukrainian automakers. At the moment, the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant is still manufacturing these cars (only under a different name) and does not intend to remove them from production. The reason for this is the high popularity of the sedan, but how successful was ZAZ "Chance"? Feedback from owners will help us to answer this question.

заз chance technical characteristics


Design of a budget car ZAZ "Chance"developed by Italian designers. Probably, that's why the appearance of the sedan still looks fresh and attractive. However, signs of budget are clearly visible here, and the machine can not boast of its expressive forms. This happened because of the special requirements of the Korean manufacturer for the Italians - they did not plan to go to experiments and certainly did not want to shock the public.


In the inner part, linesbudgetary. The salon's main features were based on a high level of assembly and a well thought out arrangement of all controls. However, the salon can not be highly ergonomically named, since the interior design lagged behind in time and resembled the design of cars of the 90s.

zaz chance owners reviews
The level of comfort here is average, the noise in the cabinno, but what is most interesting - drivers who have in their garage a 2-3-year ZAZ Zaporozhye assembly, make much more claims to the car in terms of comfort than to the 10-year-old Lanos of the Korean assembly (although these are two identical cars) . And only 3-spoke steering wheel does not cause complaints from the owners of the sedan ZAZ "Chance".


The car is equipped with three petrolengines. Among them, the junior unit has a volume of 1299 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 70 horsepower. This is the base engine for ZAZ "Chance" hatchback. Technical characteristics of the average unit allow to develop capacity of 101 horsepower with a working volume of 1399 cubic centimeters. The most luxurious engine has a volume of 1498 cubic centimeters and a power of 86 horsepower. These are the characteristics of ZAZ "Chance" engines.

All power units are equippedmechanical gearboxes (with the exception of the second motor - it is supplied with an "automatic"). ZAZ "Chance", the technical characteristics of which remained somewhere in the 90's, is very weak. "The Hundred" car takes only 14-17 seconds.

zaz chance hatchback specifications

The price of the new ZAZ "Chance"

Technical characteristics we have already considered,now go to the price. Considering that in the basic equipment the car costs 190 thousand rubles, ZAZ can forgive a lot, especially since this price includes air conditioning, airbag, central locking, power windows and even power steering. The price of the top-end equipment reaches the mark of 260 thousand rubles.