Motorcycle "Suzuki-Bandit 1200": specifications, description and reviews


The legendary model "Suzuki-Bandit 1200" waswas created about twenty years ago as opposed to competitors. The company "Suzuki" has released two motorcycles, which subsequently gained the status of unsurpassed. A line of new bikes was called "Bandit". First of all, the company wanted to draw the attention of the public to the cocky nature of its cars, which were really moving and dynamic. In addition, at that time there was already a tendency to give names to new motorcycles sonorous and characteristic. The name "Bandit" was just from such names.

suzuki bandit 1200

A bit of history

At the end of the twentieth century, competition intensifiedbetween the leading manufacturers of motorcycles: "Suzuki", "Yamaha" and "Honda". Each brand alternately went forward, and then again gave way to a competitor. "Yamaha" and "Honda" were too lazy to start developing new models, but "Suzuki", for a long time without hesitation, took up the creation of two powerful semi-competitive bikes. New motorcycles are not designed for ring races and even for racing competitions. However, in 1989, "Suzuki Bandit" was released with two engines: GSF 250 - 250 cubes and GSF 400 - 400 cubes. Then the company's management decided that it would not be enough, and the model line was replenished with two more powerful bikes: the first at 600 cc / cm, and the second at 1200 cc / cm. The latter will be discussed in this article.

Suzuki-Bandit 1200: specifications

The model began to be produced in 1996. The architectural features of the machine in many ways echoed the contours and outlines of other "classmates." That is, in other words, the motorcycle differed only in the power of the engine, comparable to the thrust of the average car.

"Suzuki Bandit 1200" received a tubular frame,a special way profiled, rigid and at the same time supple in certain limits. To the frame was attached a classical suspension of the telescopic construction from the front and a pendulum with one shock absorber in the center - behind. Almost immediately, the rear suspension had to be strengthened, given the considerable weight of the motorcycle. The fork was extended by 60 mm to slightly relieve the weight load. The result was decent: the rear of the motorcycle "hung" almost perfectly, the balance left much to be desired. A small inconvenience was created by the front telescopic fork, which was not sufficiently loaded and often stuck in the air.

Then he announced himself a three-dimensional engine, a powerthe installation of such power and volume required a special set of sensors, information displays and controllers. This entire group of electronics was to be located within the visual accessibility, that is, within the usual instrument panel, which can be expanded within reasonable limits.

"Suzuki-Bandit 1200", the characteristics of whichwent beyond the limits of the usual parameters, set designers an uneasy task: to place the main units and units as compactly as possible. The balance of the frame also dictated its limitations, nothing should go beyond the conditional red lines, otherwise the balance necessary for entering the turns will be disturbed.

Motorcycles "Suzuki-Bandit 1200" withdesigning created a lot of problems. A heavy machine required a jewel-accurate placement of weight layers, an unmistakable location of the center of gravity, from the correctly chosen height of which the stability of the machine depended on the course, not to mention the possibility of maneuvering.

Suzuki bandit 1200 specifications


Also at the motorcycle 1200 have increased the size of tires and installed brake ventilated disks of the maximum diameter, which for such a motorcycle class is 320 mm.

Model GSF 1200 was produced in two versions,the difference between which was only external. One of the motorcycles was made in the form of a typical nikid, it looked "naked", with almost no plumage and plastic skirts.

Sport tourism

Simultaneously, the version of the "Suzuki-Bandit" GSF S with a massive front fairing was made, thanks to which the motorcycle passed to the class of sport tourism.

The same modification was the best in the line of "Bandit" also due to the engine, four cylinders of which in total gave a working volume of 1156 cc / cm. At the same time, the bike developed a speed of 200 km / h.

motorcycles suzuki bandit 1200

Advantages of air-oil cooling

Cooling the engine was a super efficient, air-oil system. And to achieve a quality balanced nutrition on each cylinder was installed a separate carburetor.

Unlike the smaller "Bandits", one thousand two hundred were equipped with a five-speed gearbox. In 1997, the motorcycle was equipped with an anti-lock braking system, which at that time was a rarity.

In 2001, "Suzuki-Bandit 1200", which was getting more and more positive reviews, underwent a deep restyling consisting of the following improvements:

  1. Four carburetors replaced with more modern, with an adjustable throttle. Now the motorcycle had no problems when starting the engine in cold weather.
  2. Significantly increased oil cooler, increasingits efficiency is almost double. The timing has undergone a complete reconfiguration, which ensured a perfectly smooth operation of the engine. Strengthened the clutch and added an additional air filter.
  3. Cut excess weight of tubular structures, afterthat the motorcycle became lower and shorter, which favorably affected its handling. Changed the distance from the seat to the steering wheel, which provided a softer comfortable fit. Decreased stiffness of shock absorbers.
  4. At the same time, they made adjustments to external parametersmotorcycle. A new fairing was installed, with two fixed headlights. Substantial changes have undergone fuel tanks. Both tanks were maximally unified and thus became completely interchangeable.
  5. Another restyling "Suzuki-Bandit 1200" was held in2006, but these changes were insignificant and did not affect the technical parameters. The dashboards were changed, and it became possible to adjust the seats. The half-streamer has become less angular, and the mirrors have assumed a rectangular shape.

Suzuki bandit 1200 specifications

Overall and weight parameters

  • The length of the motorcycle is 2140 mm.
  • The height is 1100 mm.
  • The width is 765 mm.
  • Height along the seat line is 835 mm.
  • Weight - 214 kg.
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 19 liters.
  • Changing the oil "Suzuki Bandit-1200" - 3.7 liters in the crankcase, without taking into account the spraying.
  • The maximum weight that can withstand the undercarriage is 285 kg.

Power point

The motorcycle has a four-cylinder petrol engine with oil-air cooling:

  • The working volume of the cylinders is 1157 cubic cm;
  • power - 100 hp;
  • power supply - carburettor, diffuser;
  • start - electric starter;
  • transmission - five-speed gearbox;
  • drive to the rear wheel - chain.

This motor is an undeniable "trump card"motorcycle, it has an unprecedented power reserve, which can be released from the harness at any second, and it's not everyone can drive back the horsepower. Act carefully!

Suzuki Bandit 1200 reviews

Caste belonging

If we draw an analogy between carsbusiness class and this category of bike, it turns out an incorrect comparison, awkward and inappropriate. The motorcycle has its own life, it does not fit into the criteria of the business class, and more precisely, it is simply far ahead, gaining speed and does not even look back. Nevertheless, someone took it into their heads to classify the Suzuki Bandit 1200 as a business class motorcycle. Apparently, for "red words". Do not argue, just assume that on the road, riding "Bandit", you can take a laptop with you. Logical norms are observed, the presence of a laptop is a sure sign of the business activities of the owner. Well, the word "class" itself will find a place.

Customer Reviews

For two decades, hundreds of thousands of ownersmotorcycle "Suzuki-Bandit 1200" experienced an inexpressible sense of contact with a magnificent machine. Bike pleased motorcyclists responsiveness, obedience and predictable character. Many owners have noted that a high degree of reliability, which can only give a well-designed and assembled of particularly durable parts of the machine.

And today many famous motorcycles arrange high-speed runs on the highway, surprising the fans of rarity motorcycle equipment.

spare parts suzuki bandit 1200

The nature of the engine

When dialing cruising speed (approximately 130 -150 km / h) the motorcycle begins to show miracles of stability, it confidently goes in a straight line and reluctantly fits into turns. The same with the brakes, the process of stopping the "Bandit" is somehow inhibited, but only in the opposite sense. Disks spin and spin, brakes ineffective.

Lapping at low speed in automotive"pulling" allows you to appreciate the effectiveness of the oil clutch and gearbox. But in the work of the KP, for some reason, there is a lot of unnecessary noise, and the grip is hard in its workflow. But here the motorcycle went out on the track, and where did gravity and switching with the creaking go? "Suzuki-Bandit" flew easily, like a swallow, the grunting of the engine is somehow inconvenient to compare with the grumbling of a swallow, but with its chirping it is quite appropriate. The thrust of the motor at medium and low revs is music without a single false note.

The finalization of the engine continued partially on the assembly line, sometimes directly on the test run, but the results of the adjustments were always visible.

One of the key improvements is the installation of throttle sensors (TPS), the replacement of Mikini carburetors, the modification of the shape of the exhaust cams.

The engine undoubtedly dominates the design, and it looks like the main element of the whole mechanism with an excellent power amplitude and increasing speed.

Throughout the range of the motor, we can distinguishpart of a particularly intense voltage between 4000 rpm and 7000 rpm. The tachometer gives a figure of 3600 rpm. On the speedometer at this time only 100 km / hour. This is the most productive moment for the whole engine.

oil change suzuki bandit 1200

Transmission and electrical equipment

Worn gearbox for heavymotorcycle is completely unacceptable. The gearbox and clutch with which the motorcycle is equipped are the most frequently replaced parts. "Suzuki Bandit 1200" has its weak points. And it's not as a transmission, but, most likely, in the intensity of operation. The repair kit includes also candles.

"Suzuki Bandit 1200" is distinguished by high workingvoltage of the whole electrical circuit. And since the ignition of the motorcycle is electronic, non-contact, the candle electrodes work under rather harsh conditions and often burn.