How to become a detective: training for a detective


The question of how to become a detective is increasinglyworries people, especially the young age. We assure you, this profession is far from simple. Perhaps, having become acquainted with the nuances of this work, you will abandon your idea.

How to become a detective

Features of the profession detective

Who such detective? It is a person with sufficient knowledge and skills not to show his scope to the public. Decide what you really want: to become a good detective or get recognition, like world-class detectives like Sherlock Holmes? In the second case, you turned to the wrong address, you need to storm the theater institutes, because the public does not recognize the real detective. The person of this profession can be your boss, friend, neighbor, beloved.

Search, clues and clues to interesting crimes - this, of course, sounds beautiful and bribes, but, unfortunately, in real life things are different.

Private detective, how to become

Myths about the profession of a detective

So, you are worried about the question of how to become a detective. We will analyze several myths about this field of activity, so that you are sure that you really want this.

"Detectives investigating interesting crimes"

Undoubtedly, detectives are engaged in disclosurecrimes, but not as shown in the movies. In most cases, detectives dismantle banal crimes or follow the grief-spouses of wealthy people who decided to make lovers.

"Detectives earn a lot"

People of this profession earn really decently only if they are ideal workers and have already established themselves in narrow circles, which is far from easy.

"Detectives live an interesting life"

Perhaps detectives live an interesting life, butit comes down to their personal hobbies. They, like people from other professions, share work and leisure. Disclosure of crimes is their daily activities, earnings. And an interesting life of a detective makes travel, hobbies, personal achievements.

How to become a private detective

Have not you changed your mind about becoming a detective? Then let's talk about how to become a private detective. Without appropriate training, without the development of personal qualities and hard work on yourself is not enough.

Private detective: how to become a professional

Let's talk about the unpleasant for most peoplethe side of the profession - about the legal. You will definitely have to register as an individual entrepreneur and register with a private detective. Before you get a license, you will have to submit a lot of documents and references, as well as a few of your photos. But this is not all. You can become a detective only if you:

  • have a legal education;
  • the relevant training courses;
  • have work experience in law enforcement from 3 years.

The latter option is impossible without, again,obtaining a legal education. Therefore, the question of how to become a detective in Russia requires your awareness of the laws of the country. But the legal side is not the only problem on the way to professionalism.

Become a good detective

Tips from Sherlock Holmes

Let's talk about the skills of a private investigation. First, there are no universities that will dedicate you to detective work. There are higher educational institutions with a legal bias that will teach you legal subtleties, teach the profession of an investigator, and form self-defense skills. You will have to learn on the detective yourself.

There are many courses that promise forshort term make you a detective with a world-wide reputation. Not all of them justify themselves. Before you decide to take courses, study the reviews about them, in order to understand how justified your step.

Now let's talk about a detective with a world name, about Sherlock Holmes. From the books, we can take a few priceless lessons that will help to become a good detective:

  • To advance in this field only with the help of talent will not work. You will have to work hard on yourself.
  • Pay attention not to the overall picture, but to the detail. Train, trying to predict the actions or unravel the wishes of your friends or loved ones. Nobody canceled the deductive method.
  • Remember that testing is interesting. Do not be nervous if you do not get something to solve. There are always more questions in life than answers. Be patient.
  • Always work with a partner. Then normal psychology works. We always need a person with whom we could discuss the details, which you can complain about. It is important for us to feel support.
  • You have to prove yourself as a responsible employee, for whom detective activity is not just a duty, but a real hobby. Only in this case people will approach you.
  • Look at all the problems from different sides, do not focus only one way to solve them.

Now let's talk about what your character should be like.

What you need to become a detective

What you need to become a detective

Without the development of personal qualities, one can not succeed in any field of activity. Private investigation requires special work on yourself. You definitely need to develop such qualities:

  • Striving for new knowledge. You should be well-read and know different areas of life, and not just concentrate on the information you are interested in.
  • Develop mindfulness. It must be honed to perfection, otherwise you will not be able to concentrate on the details.
  • When dealing with customers and when investigating, you can not do without courtesy and calmness towards others.
  • You have to be very good at psychology. This is important, because your profession requires skills to expose lies or to simulate the behavior of people around you.

It is very difficult to develop these qualities to perfection. Most often, successful detectives are people who have an innate talent.

How to become a detective in Russia

Pitfalls of the profession

Of course, how to become a detective is onlyhalf the issue. You must be prepared to face troubles in your work. To become a good detective, you need to anticipate them in advance and be able to get out of any situation. So, with what you will come across:

  • You can not be cited as evidence of a photo and video from the crime scene, if it is not authorized by the customer. We'll have to find other undeniable evidence.
  • You can not listen to conversations with the help of special equipment.
  • You can not use weapons even in case of danger.
  • It is prohibited to be represented by a police officer.
  • Even at the request of the client, you have no right to hide information known to you from law enforcement bodies.

The work should be remembered about these points, so as not to become a victim of legislation, having good goals.

When is the road to private investigation closed for you?

There are certain restrictions in this profession. Find another lesson if:

  • You are not 21 years old.
  • You have mental illnesses.
  • You have been convicted.
  • You are under investigation.
  • They were dismissed from law enforcement bodies on the basis of compromising circumstances.

Do not be discouraged if one of the items applies to you, because there are many other activities that you can do.

Danger of profession

You should understand that a private detective exposesthemselves danger, bringing criminals to clean water. If you betray yourself, you can try to eliminate or substitute. That is why it is important that you are always on the alert and know how to work secretly, without leaving even the slightest trace of your investigation.