Poultry farm "Varaksino": reflection of time


In Udmurtia after the establishment of Soviet powerit was hard times. Izhevsk was an industrial city, the situation of workers in factories was heavy. In the twenties the republic faced a crop failure and famine. The times were complicated, the crisis of grain procurement, the reconstruction of industrial enterprises.

How it all began

In the late thirties of the last century, nearcity ​​of Izhevsk in the village of Varaksino was organized poultry farm. "Varaksino" is located eight kilometers from the center of Izhevsk, in close proximity to the city. The construction of this industrial facility allowed creating additional jobs, but the standard of living of the population remained low. The level of salaries significantly lagged behind the indicators for the country. The poultry farm became an enterprise around which the life of the local population was concentrated.

poultry factory Varaksino

Development of the village

It should be noted that the factory management took careabout their employees. With the development of production, which was carried out mainly thanks to the enthusiasm of the workers, life was getting better. Gradually, around the poultry farm, residential multi-apartment two-story and five-story houses were built. Workers were given apartments, vouchers to holiday homes, in the adjacent lands allocated lots for garages and garden non-profit partnerships.

Residents of the village of Varaksino respectto the management of LLC "Poultry Farm" Varaksino. "In the village there was built a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, in the territory there is a feldsher-midwife point, a cultural complex, shops.

The highest object on the territory of Udmurtia is the TV tower "Varaksino", its height is 340 meters, that is, it is approximately 100-storey house.

ooo poultry farm Varaksino

Factory of Hope

The poultry farm is the main enterprise of the village. In October 1963 she was singled out of the Izhevsk poultry farm as an independent enterprise. It was called the "Poultry Farm" Varaksino. "In 1968, the" Vraksino Poultry Farm "was organized with a design capacity of 100,000 hens of floor maintenance. Since then, it reports directly to the Ministry of Agriculture. A new room was built, spacious and more modern, the labor of the workers was as easy as possible. The factory is engaged in growing chickens in order to obtain high-quality eggs.

Earlier, Varaksino was an urban settlement,but in 2002 it was granted the status of a village. On three sides has common borders with Izhevsk. Address of the "Varaksino" poultry farm: 427027, UR, p. Varaksino. It is headed by Dmitry Yurievich Kuznetsov.

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Anatomy of production

Every day this largest poultry farm inThe territory of Udmurtia produces more than 2 million eggs. The production of incubation of eggs, day-old chickens are sent to the "Votkinskaya" and "Izhevsk" poultry farm and grown on site.

Grow chickens for the production of canteens andenriched with vitamins eggs, in addition, the factory sells products from poultry meat. The hens of the parent herd of a poultry farm come from Germany. Crosses Lohmann have the best productive indicators in the world. Day-old chickens are delivered to Izhevsk by air, from there immediately to the address of the "Varaksino" poultry farm. In the incubator of the poultry farm, the young are taken out to replenish the herd of laying hen hens. Young growth is transferred to the housing of the industrial herd at the age of 100 days.

The day of the adult chicken begins at 6 am, after the light is turned on in the house. The hen carries eggs in the first 3 hours. One hen receives one egg a day.

The sex of the cell is made under a slope, so that the eggs do notbroke. The collection process is as automated as possible. The transporter delivers the eggs to the primary sorting point, where they are sent to the central egg collection.

On average, each hen of a poultry farm brings inyear 330 eggs. According to Rosptitsesoyuz, this is one of the best indicators in the industry. The main sorting of eggs and their packing takes place in the egg processing shop. During the day, the poultry farm workers sort about 1.7 million eggs. The operator puts the tapes on the conveyor of the modern Dutch egg grading machine Moba. With the help of pneumatic suckers, the robot shifts the eggs to the conveyor, the automation determines the weight of the egg and distributes it into categories. After that, the machine determines the defects of the shell and rejects poor-quality products. In one hour, through two sorting machines, 240,000 eggs pass. Sorted eggs are sent for packing. Here they are checked again and packaged. Modern packaging reduces the risk of fighting eggs during their transportation to the counter. The Italian thermo-packaging machine Smipak clips the cassettes and large boxes of eggs. From here they are taken to shops located in 27 regions of Russia. The warehouse of the poultry farm is designed for storage of 9 million eggs. The quality of the egg depends on the conditions of the poultry and its nutrition. The microclimate in the poultry house of the factory is constant, it does not depend on the weather and season.

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The poultry farm has its own fields andA special workshop for the preparation of feed, where they produce 170 tons of vitamin-herb flour per year. All this makes it possible to contain the bird in conditions as close to natural as possible, just as if laying hens lived in the village. Poultry farm "Varaksino" takes the fifth line of the rating of the branch association of poultry producers of Russia, is a multiple winner of the competition "100 best goods of Russia". The enterprise is a part of the large Russian agro-holding KOMOS GROUP since 2006. By 2018 the production of Varaksino will be 755 million eggs a year.

The poultry farm has 3 own brands: "Zelenoye village", "Varaksino", "Solnechnyi dvorik".

When the poultry farms "Varaksino" were merged,"Izhevsk" and "Votkinskoy" in the holding company KOMOS was combined financial management of all three sites, planning the sequence of payments, formed budgets for cash flow for each site. Significantly reduced the time of processing orders by the warehouse and 10 times the number of errors in warehouses.

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Quality of production of the poultry farm "Varaksino"

It meets all the requirements of federal trade networks. "Varaksino" produces eggs for the networks "Auchan", "Bakhetle", "Alphabet of taste", X5 RETAIL GROUP.
According to experts, the selected eggs of the brand "VillageGreen "are excellent characteristics, do not contain antibiotics and harmful microorganisms. They were on the first place among six contestants for the content of useful substances.

It should also be noted positive reviews about meat. LLC "Poultry Farm" Varaksino "produces not only eggs.The assortment of the factory includes steaks, chops, sausages, chicken meat of 1st grade and chicken ventricles.