Why do children grind their teeth in a dream, or What is bruxism?

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Surely every mother heard at least once how herthe child squeaks with his teeth when he sleeps. This sound may or may not be repeated once. Of course, this kind of fact scares many. Moreover, very often parents are interested in specialists, why children grind their teeth in their sleep. It is to this question that we will try to give a detailed answer in this article.

why children grind their teeth in their sleep
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In fact, the answer to thethe question of why children grind their teeth in a dream. It is believed that the whole fault of parasites in the body, or rather worms. However, if you believe the experts, this statement is fundamentally wrong. Why?

The child grinds his teeth in a dream. Cause

First of all, it should be noted that in no wayThis fact should not be ignored. After all, in fact, this problem carries a lot of negative consequences, among which is a violation of the integrity of the enamel. In science, this kind of fact is called bruxism. Let's look at the main reasons that lead to its appearance.

  • Stressful situations. As is known, the child's psyche has never been distinguished by its constancy. Moreover, babies are very easy to injure. Often, adults do not notice stressful situations at all, while for babies they seem quite serious (moving, changing kindergarten, lack of friends, etc.).
  • Sleep disturbance (incorrect alternation of the main phases).
  • Hereditary factor. It is noteworthy that very often this habit is inherited from parents, and most often this factor affects the boys.
  • Caries.
  • Inflammatory processes of periodontal tissues.

baby grinds teeth in a dream cause

So, we have already found out why children grind their teethin a dream. Now it's time to figure out how to deal with bruxism. In fact, there are many options, but we will consider only the most basic ones. Experts argue that you should not worry about why the child grinds his teeth in the afternoon, if the process itself lasts no more than seven seconds. This is considered quite normal. In addition, doctors even say that in most cases bruxism passes independently as the child grows up.

If the given problem delivers to the kid and youa lot of inconvenience, just try to save him from stressful situations. In some cases, conversation helps, as they say, heart to heart, when the crumb admits all the experiences that worry him. Occasionally, a special vitamin-mineral therapy is prescribed, since

why does a child grind his teeth during the day
bruxism appears due to a lack of magnesium andcalcium. On the other hand, special exercises are considered an excellent option, which were recently developed by physicians. You can explain yourself how to properly relax the jaw muscles so that your teeth do not close.


We hope that everything described in this articleThe information will help you find the answer to the question of why children grind their teeth in their sleep. Remember that you should not worry about childish bruxism again. Be healthy!