Is it possible to treat stomatitis at home in a child?

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One of the most common diseases,which complicate life for children and their parents, is a stomatitis. Older children can explain what they encountered, persuaded to eat, rinse their mouth by themselves. Treatment of stomatitis in the home in an infant is a serious problem. The kid is capricious, listless, does not sleep, turns away from food and refuses to drink. Only an individual doctor should prescribe an adequate treatment that includes pain medication.

treatment of stomatitis at home in a child

Look at the rashes can be different: like bubbles in the mouth or lips, like sores of scarlet or white flowers. They are multiple or represented by a single painful papule.

Causes of stomatitis and types

The disease can arise for various reasons. These include:

  • the introduction of the herpes virus;
  • ingestion of staphylococci or streptococci;
  • allergic reactions;
  • trauma of the oral mucosa.

Stomatitis can be fungal, bacterial and aphthous, allergic, traumatic.

Treatment of stomatitis

Each type of disease is characterized by a picturemanifestations and requires drugs of individual action aimed at destroying those microorganisms that directly caused it, and common means that help to relieve inflammation and anesthetize.

The most common is herpes stomatitis. Treatment in children of this type of disease consists in rinsing with anti-inflammatory

aphthous stomatitis in a child
compositions and treatment of the oral cavity with ointment.

When bacterial stomatitis antibacterial substances with metronidazole, amixycycline, and otoloxacin are prescribed.

When fungal infection - candidiasis - funds for the destruction of thrush. These are medicines "Levorin", "Nystatin".

Treatment of stomatitis at home in the child also provides for the appointment of immune medications. Frequent recurrences of the disease indicate low immunity.

To get rid of fungal stomatitis, ifthe disease is not in neglected form, you can do without medical means. With it effectively combats a solution of conventional baking soda. To make the medicine, dilute half a tablespoon of the drug in a glass of warm water and rinse or treat the baby's mouth every 2 hours.

During the exacerbation of the bacterial type of disease that causes streptococci or staphylococci to enter the body, antibacterial drugs of internal action are sometimes prescribed.

If you have established aphthous stomatitis in a child,treatment includes not only healing preparations ("Vinilin", "Carotolin" - the latter can be used from 1 day of life), but also antibiotics. This form of the disease is more common in children who have GIT diseases.

When the allergic form of the ailment in complex treatment includes antihistamines. In case of traumatic stomatitis, it is sufficient to confine oneself to healing agents.

Herpes stomatitis treatment in children

Children older than 2-3 years are able to type in the mouthmedicine and rinse, with babies it is more difficult. The child will have to lay on the barrel, inject a syringe (without needles) into the mouth with a disinfectant, for example a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then, with a finger wrapped on it, treat the oral cavity with an antiviral or antifungal agent.

Treatment of stomatitis in the home at the child in any case will be more effective if you take the money from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Infusion of chamomile and calendula remarkably will remove inflammation, funds with aloe, sea buckthorn oil or rosehip will help quickly heal wounds, oak bark - reduce the pain effect.

Do not forget about nutrition. For the duration of the disease it is worth switching to fresh food and excluding citrus fruits.

If the ulcer is less than 1 cm and there is no temperature, the child does not have difficulty in treating stomatitis at home in the home. If parents have patience.