Sweating - what is this? How to treat a baby's sweating?

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Almost every parent sooner or later faces such a problem as babies in infants (the photo can be seen on the right). How serious is this? How to treat a baby's sweating?

Sweating is a red rash on the baby's body. Usually they appear on the neck, in the armpits, in the buttocks and genitals. Next, sweating is spread to the entire body of the baby, if not taken to eliminate it.

How to treat a baby's sweating?


If you notice a child's sweating, then the firstit is necessary to redeem it. Take a bath baby every day until he gets rid of redness. As soon as the sweating passes, you can go to the usual bathing regime. Earlier, when manganese was sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, children were bathed in a solution of potassium permanganate. Now not every parent will go to the clinic for such a prescription. Many have found an alternative in herbs. A crumb is better to bathe in a bath with the addition of decoction of chamomile or thyme, you can use them together. Affected sites do not rub the washcloth, as this is painful for the baby. It is not recommended every day to wash a newborn with soap, it is better to use soap when bathing every other day.

If the perspiration of the baby on his face, then wipe more often face with a cotton disc moistened in a decoction of herbs.

After taking a bath, dry the baby by wetting the towel with wet places. Make sure that the wrinkles on the handles and on the legs are dry.

Ointments, creams, powder

Now in pharmacies a large assortment of ointments and creams, powders from sweating. They are diverse in their properties and price category, so you will not experience difficulties in buying this product.

how to treat a baby's sweat

But let's remember the recipes of our mothers and grandmothers,when in times of shortage they successfully defeated the chicken. If you ask your older relatives: "How to treat a baby's sweatshop?", Then you will certainly be told about the miracle oil, which they treated their children. Take the usual sunflower oil (can be refined), sterilized in a water bath and lubricated areas of the body that are hit by a chalk. Oil softens the skin and reduces itching. After this procedure, the baby becomes more calm. You can also use oil to prevent rashes where there are wrinkles.

Our grandmothers bathed children and in the broth of laurelsheet. This recipe is simple and does not require large expenditures. One or two laurel leaves should be poured with one glass of water and brought to a boil. On the tray you need a quarter cup of this broth. Bathe the child in it every night, and the sweating will be held in a few days.

Timing of treatment

On how to treat a baby's sweat, dependthe time for which it passes. With proper treatment and care of the baby, sweating will usually begin to disappear on the third or fourth day, and completely disappears in about a week. It depends on the degree of neglect of the disease.

Simple rules for the care of a newborn

Air baths

Often keep the baby naked. Air baths are good at coping with this problem.

perspiration in the baby on the face


Wear a newborn baby with temperatureair in the room. Never wrap or allow a child to sweat. Make sure that the baby's things are made of natural materials, for example, cotton. Clothes should be spacious and do not rub the skin of crumbs.


Refrain from using disposable diapers if possible. If this is not possible, then try to change them as often as possible.

In hot summer days, sweatshirt delivers babiesa lot of trouble. Kids become restless, sleep and eat badly. To alleviate their suffering, you can wet a soft towel or cotton pad in any of the above decoctions and wipe the place of rash and wrinkles on the neck, under the handles, between the legs.