Castor oil. Application

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Castor oil is used in modernmedicine and cosmetology. In addition, it is known that sometimes it was used to stimulate childbirth. To date, scientists suggest that the reason for this is the laxative property of castor oil. For example, a pregnant woman took a certain amount of this drug, which had a strong laxative effect. This in turn led to a reduction in the intestine and stimulated the uterus. However, at the present time, doctors negatively regard this kind of actions. They argue that the future mother can begin very strong vomiting and diarrhea, which will lead to dehydration of her body. Force for generic activities as a result of this use simply does not remain. Therefore, mothers do not need to drink castor oil during pregnancy.

In general, castor oil is made from a medicinalplants. Its name is "castor beetle". It is worth noting that this plant is very poisonous. People have learned to eliminate poison and get ricinoleic acid-rich oil. As already mentioned above, castor oil was used to stimulate delivery, in medical practice and cosmetology.

Castor oil is made in two ways. It's a cold and hot method. The oil obtained by the first method is of high quality. This is a safe product. It absorbs very well and does not form a film after it dries

Castor oil. Application

This agent is taken with poisoning. However, castor oil can not be used for poisoning with phosphorus, benzene or phenol. An excellent effect with hemorrhoids is given by this drug. Applying it during a cold or starting cough promotes an early recovery. For example, with a cold, it is necessary to rub a mixture of one spoon of turpentine and two spoons of castor oil into the chest of a sick person. It should be noted that the oil must necessarily be heated.

Castor oil is included in the composition known to allointment called Vishnevsky. It is used to treat ulcers, burns, wounds. In addition, it is in the treatment of severe burns that the oil has a sufficiently high efficiency. It is often used in the treatment of cuts and minor abrasions, applying a tool to any area with a bird feather. If the navel of a newborn baby does not heal for a long time, castor oil is applied to it twice a day. The use of this product is not limited to these examples.

Castor oil. Contraindications.

There are practically no contraindications for the use of this oil. However, it should not be used in childhood before the year and during pregnancy.

Ricinoleic acid, which containsa large amount of castor oil, has a softening effect. That is why it is most often recommended to use in the care of dry and very sensitive skin of the face and whole body. Almost every woman knows that castor oil has a strong rejuvenating effect. It is included in many famous creams and anti-wrinkle creams on the face and around the eyes. Quite often the skin of the lips bursts in the frost or during the hot season. To get rid of a similar problem it is possible with the help of castor oil. To do this, mix three parts of common petroleum jelly and one part of this substance. The mixture must be slightly heated, and then applied to the lips.

Castor oil helps with the clarification of freckles and age spots. It is recommended to apply it two or five times a day to these areas. For a better effect, you can mix castor oil with sea buckthorn.

Everyone can learn more about the propertiesthis wonderful product. There is a special literature, which details how to get castor oil, the use of this substance in medicine and cosmetology is also covered in them. In addition, you can find a lot of useful information if you type "Castor Oil, Application" in the browser's search box.