Bronchitis in a child? Signs of the disease must be known to every parent!

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bronchitis in the child signs
The baby coughs. Parents see bronchitis in a child, the signs of which they already know, because the baby is sick for the first time. Do I need to see a doctor or can I fight the disease myself with the help of medical and folk remedies?

Cough in the baby

If the child has a cough, no independent activityparents should not exercise. Confirm that it is the bronchitis in a child, the signs and symptoms of which are sometimes not unambiguous, should the doctor. Even if the parents are 100% sure of the disease that they have already encountered, it is not worth neglecting the opinion of a specialist. The pediatrician will listen to the baby's chest with a stethoscope and on the basis of the examination will draw conclusions. Let relatives know how the disease goes, but without knowledge of the nature of bronchitis, adequate treatment can not be prescribed. Perhaps, in addition it will be necessary to make the child a roentgenography to be sure that this is not pneumonia.

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis refers to any lesion of the bronchi outsidedepending on for what reason it arose. Cough may appear after bacterial or viral infection, due to allergies, when exposed to some toxic substances.

Sometimes bronchitis occurs as a major disease. In some cases, cough is an incidental symptom of some childhood infections, such as whooping cough.

Classify the disease can be as follows:

  • acute bronchitis;
  • obstructive;
  • acute bronchiolitis - inflammation of small bronchi.

How can you distinguish bronchitis from other diseases? Symptoms in children Komarovsky, a famous Ukrainian pediatrician, described as follows:

  • begins bronchitis with a dry cough and exhausts the patient at night;
  • cough changes shape and gradually becomes wet;
  • fever and headache are common for the onset of the disease;
  • The cough lasts several weeks, or even more than a month.

Treatment of bronchitis

The main thing that a doctor should diagnose when diagnosing bronchitis in a child whose signs are clearly manifested is the cause of the disease. Each form of bronchitis is treated exclusively individually.

bronchitis symptoms in children mosquito,

You may need antibiotics and antibacterial drugs, medicines to lower the temperature. To small children it is possible to give a medicine in syrup or to use rectal candles.

Then, antitussive drugs are necessarily required, which at the initial stage should fight with a dry cough, and then help in sputum liquefaction and with its disappearance.

As a remedy for dry cough use syrups"Sinekod", "Gerbion", "Stoptusin". To facilitate expectoration, take the drugs "Mukaltin", "Ambrobene" and others. The choice of any medication is determined by the condition and age of the child.

In the event that bronchitis is allergic, applyantihistamines and try to calculate and remove the allergen. To do this, analyze what has appeared at home new for the last 2 months? The toy was bought with an incomprehensible origin, new bed linen, put on a toddler with a bright smelling pattern, bought an unfamiliar washing powder?

prevention of bronchitis in children

Prevention of disease

Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky believes that the prevention of bronchitis in children is a very important aspect in health improvement.

  • Air in the room should never be over-dried, for this purpose you should buy an air humidifier or put a basin of water under the battery.
  • The room is regularly ventilated.
  • It's necessary to walk with a healthy child outdoors and not through gassed streets, but in the nearest park or public garden.
  • Ensure that the baby's spout is not clogged, clean it of mucus.
  • In the baby's food, it is required to include vegetables and fruits.

And most importantly: when there was bronchitis in a child, signs of the disease on the face, you need to treat the disease, even if it runs without temperature. Running bronchitis can go into obstructive, and then cause bronchial asthma. Getting rid of this serious illness is not so easy.