How to calculate the right day for conception

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Favorable day for conception

Before you start the processfertilization, it is necessary to take several important steps to prepare for the birth of the first-born. And the main task of future parents is to calculate the most favorable day for conception. Besides this moment, you, of course, should understand that the preparation for the appearance of the child begins several months before this event. The training includes the nutrition of the future mother, as well as sports, namely, the development of the muscles of the press. It is necessary to refuse alcoholic beverages, since when they are used in the future, pathologies may develop in the development of the baby.

The best posture for conception
A favorable day for the conception of a child depends onthe ovule of a woman, in other words - from her readiness for the fertilization process. The latter comes after ovulation. In the event that the woman's menstrual cycle is not violated at all, that is, 28 days and, accordingly, is divided into three phases, ovulation occurs on the 14th day, which is the first phase of the cycle. But experts say that the most favorable day for conception of a child is the day of ovulation. On this day the probability of a woman getting pregnant is increased to one hundred percent. But this is only on condition that the duration of the periods is about five days. Each woman has her own individual schedule of menstruation, which can last from three to seven days. In this case, a woman may have a small difficulty in calculating an auspicious day for the conception of the baby. Future parents should understand that the development of the child and his health depend on the day of conception.

Doctors do not exclude the possibility of getting pregnant atmake love in various poses. Excessively exaggerated rumors that a certain posture in sex will be the best or worst for conceiving a baby. But some say that this makes sense, since the probability of fertilization decreases in poses, when a woman is on top of a man or standing up. This is due to the fact that when the eruption of the sperm, it can flow out of the vagina of a woman while not having time to pass into the cervix. So, many doctors came to the conclusion that it is important for the conception of a child what position the woman will take after sexual intercourse, and not during the process.

Prayer for conception
In order to surely become pregnant, little to knowauspicious day for conception - after sexual intercourse you need to lie calmly on your back with bent legs, and it is best to press your legs to the stomach. Each woman has its own peculiarities in the structure of the vagina and cervix, so the best pose for conceiving the baby will be the one the couple chooses after consulting the gynecologist.

Children are the flesh and blood of parents, and theirunites a deep spiritual union. Parents share happiness and sorrow with children. It is natural that parents wish their children happiness and prosperity. Prayer for conception is a powerful tool for couples who want to have a child. It is known that God's help heals from various diseases. It must be remembered that the God of his children will not let him offend, so we need to take care that he does not delete us from this number.