Do I need a sanatorium for pregnant women?

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During pregnancy, a woman has tonot easy. Constant stress, hormonal failure and great responsibility for the fate of the future baby lie on the fragile shoulders of the beautiful half. During these periods, rest for pregnant women is especially important, disturbances and experiences can negatively affect the baby.

A future mother will be comfortable enough andcomfortable relaxation on the couch or doing what you love. But many women during pregnancy prefer to relax in a sanatorium, where they will combine both useful and pleasant. Today, there are many places where women in the situation are invited to enjoy spiritual comfort, visit various events under the supervision of specialists.

Sanatorium for pregnant women is needed not only for recreation, women come here who are at risk. In general, you can get a ticket to those representatives who have the following testimonies:

- the first pregnancy in a woman is 28 years and over, and also, vice versa, up to 18 years;

- There is placental insufficiency;

- uterine fibroids or malformations;

- Anemia, hormonal disorders or deficiency of body weight.

There are other indications forvisit a sanatorium for pregnant women. The voucher is supposed to be free of charge only to those women who before that were lying on the hospital. It is paid for by the FSS - the Social Insurance Fund. Such permits are given to pregnant women who are at risk, for post-hospital aftercare. In addition, representatives of the fair half should work in Russia and transfer contributions to the FSS for their employees. In other words, a voucher to a sanatorium for pregnant women can be given to women who work for an indefinite or with a limited term employment contracts.

Free to get can work future mothers,who are from the 12th to 30th week of their pregnancy with a disease at risk. For each voyage term can be limited from 14 to 24 days. In addition, in the sanatorium for pregnant women can go to future mothers who are on the preservation in the hospital. The period of stay is 21 days, meals and the cost of the stay are included in the package.

But not all pregnant women can visit such institutions. There are also contraindications:

- if the future mother has bleeding or excessive vomiting;

- late gesteros;

- placenta previa or threat of abortion;

- water scarcity or polyhydramnios;

- malformations or blood disease;

- diseases of the endocrine system, viral infections that can be sexually transmitted;

- other contraindications that excludedeparture to the sanatorium for pregnant women. They can include: mental disorders, venereal and infectious diseases, drug addiction, alcoholism, hepatic and renal insufficiency, substance abuse and others.

The permit can be given to various sanatoria, independing on the period of pregnancy. For example, women under 30 weeks of age are hospitalized in places that are of the Federal department type. Here you can apply for specialized sanatoria, which are located throughout the territory of Russia. And for more than 30 weeks, future mothers are determined in places to rest within their city.

Travel to a sanatorium for pregnant women isa unique and correct proposal for the future mother and her baby. After all, it is here that complex measures are prepared for the woman to feel comfortable and comfortable in the situation, and, most importantly, she was healthy. Many sanatoriums are located near a clean and uninhabited forest. A woman in a position simply needs a stay in silence, so that she is protected from stress and overload.

Sanatorium for pregnant women is an unsurpassed combination of constant supervision of the doctor-obstetrician and improving medical procedures.