What should I do if a child grinds with his teeth in a dream?

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Sometimes children grind their teeth at night. Why does this happen, is the child all right, is it healthy? These questions cause concern for caring parents.

Still the grandmothers asserted, that if the child creaks a teeth in a dream, at it worms were got. But, doctors do not think so. Worms can be one of the far from the most basic causes of gnashing.

If there was a creak in a dream, then most likely the casein bruxism. The main cause of this manifestation in children is increased psychological stress. In such cases, jaw clenching compensates for internal stress, hidden rage, problems at home and at school. In a dream, there is an output in this form of accumulated emotions that affect the state of the masticatory muscles.

In addition to excessive stress on the psyche causethe fact that the child grinds his teeth in a dream may be an incorrect bite, and with such manifestations of bruxism it is necessary to get advice from a children's stomotologist.

The symptoms of bruxism are very peculiar. For example, gnashing of teeth in children lasting from a couple of seconds to several minutes, and this phenomenon is repeated several times a night. Wiped fangs and incisors, pains of the head, jaws. If the form of bruxism is very neglected, then there is a crunch and severe pain in the temporal and maxillary joint, there is inflammation of the gums, there are traumas of teeth, caries, there is an upsetting of the neck muscles.

Treatment of bruxism

If bruxism is caused by a bite defect, the childa dentist will be needed, but if the child grinds his teeth day and night due to overwork and stress, then the direct way to the neurologist. In such cases, adequate and correct treatment will be required, which can be performed in different ways depending on the cause and complexity of the case.

A dentist may recommend the use ofintraoral rubber or plastic applicators, these funds will protect the teeth from injury. The main direction of treatment in this case will be bite correction.

The neurologist will appoint a sedative, a massage for the child, and advise him to rest more.

The main concern for the child lies with the parents. Only they can help him cope with bruxism. There are some techniques that will help cope with the manifestations when the child grinds his teeth in a dream.

First, it is necessary to eradicate the cause of fears,determine what caused the psychological overstrain. To do this, talk with the child. Maybe in his room something does not allow him to relax, but he is embarrassed about saying this (for example, a shadow from an object, an emptiness under the bed where imaginary monsters may be, etc.). After finding out the cause of discomfort, you need to get rid of it together with the baby, move the cabinet, cabinet, buy a model of a baby crib that the child liked.

It is also necessary to revise the regime of the day. Perhaps it puts a heavy burden on the child. School, music, sports section, and at home also classes with parents, lessons - this will be too much.

In the evening, before going to bed, you can chew a carrot, an apple, something hard. This will help relieve tension from the jaw.

Do not play sleepy games before going to bed, the child should not be overexcited. At night, it is necessary to read a book, tell a story.

If the child grinds his teeth in a dream, you cantry out the method of finding the third eye. For this, the kid must close his eyes and concentrate all attention on an imaginary point between the eyebrows on his forehead. This exercise well removes tension from the muscles of the face and reduces the desire to grind your teeth.

Acupuncture is used to treat bruxism. To do this, from the little finger on the wrist, you need to find a point located in the recess of the wrist bone, and massage it before going to bed.

Regardless of the cause of the deviation of bruxism, the child will outgrow it, and the disease will eventually stop. But, if improvements do not occur, you must definitely go to a specialist.