Why is Utrozestan needed when planning pregnancy?

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A medicinal preparation having the nameUtrozhestan is a hormonal drug, which is commonly referred to as the hormone analogy of pregnancy, called progesterone. You can immediately say that this medication is often prescribed for many women both at the beginning of pregnancy planning and during its course. A distinctive feature of this drug is that it chemically almost completely repeats the structure of progesterone. With all these qualities, natural progesterone, as a rule, is not absorbed in the intestine, and this analogue of synthetic production is very prone to this. To date, Utrozestan is manufactured in two dosage forms, and specifically in the form of capsules that are intended for internal use, and in the form of candles that are applied topically. Immediately it is worth mentioning that, according to the latest available data, this drug is considered safe, taking Utrozestan when planning pregnancy is harmless, but doctors continue to study it until now, therefore, it should not be completely trusted. The cancellation of Utrozhestan during pregnancy can also be carried out painlessly.

In what cases is it recommended to take Utrozestan when planning a pregnancy?

This drug in planningpregnancy may well be assigned to a potential mother in several situations. First of all, this medication is prescribed for all those women who have infertility caused by progesterone insufficiency. In addition, Utrozhestan is prescribed and in the case when a woman already had miscarriages, which also occurred as a result of progesterone insufficiency. And also in the case when the analysis reveals the fact that the female organism does not produce this hormone.

Immediately it is worth paying attention to absolutely allwomen to the fact that progesterone insufficiency is considered an extremely common case. So, in medicine, various failures of the estrogen-progesterone ratio occur not only from case to case, but extremely often. These disorders indicate their presence in the form of the appearance of cysts, as well as in the form of endometrial hyperplasia of the uterus. To take Utrozestan when planning pregnancy is appointed precisely in order to prevent the emergence and development of all such unpleasant manifestations. Along with this medicine, a woman can also be discharged and other medications that are intended for the preservation of the child. Such can be as antispasmodics, and sedatives.

In the usual state, the production of the hormone progesteroneis carried out mainly by the ovaries. At the onset of pregnancy, this hormone is also produced by the placenta. As a result, its normal amount helps a woman not just to save the embryo that has taken root in the uterus, but also gives it a normal development. In addition, only with a sufficient amount of this hormone a woman can not just in time, but also give birth well.

Many women are interested in the question of how to cancel pregnancy with pregnancy.

In the absence of all clinical signsthe emergence of a threat of miscarriage, good ultrasound scores, or when the pregnancy is 18 weeks, the drug should be canceled slowly, every 3 days for 50 mg.

Also, we will draw the attention of all women to thatthe fact that the use of this medication in certain cases is considered dangerous. So, for example, in the case when a woman has a serious varicose veins, it will be best for her to stop using this medication. It is also not advisable to take this drug even when a woman suffers from liver diseases or complicated thrombophlebitis. And also, if you are prescribed to take Utrozestan when planning pregnancy, then certainly take it, because the sex hormones do not have a negative impact on the development and growth of the child.