Favorable days for conception

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A woman is, as you know, a mystery ... Hermystery lies in the ever-changing mood. Her mood depends on the influence of sex hormones. But the most amazing feature of a woman is her ability to be a mother, which is provided at the expense of a monthly cycle. Reproductive functions of women directly depend on this cycle, and its main indicator is monthly. Therefore, every woman who respects herself must know about the peculiarities of her physiological structure, and in order to possess this knowledge, it is not necessary to have a medical education. When a woman is ready to conceive a child, she ceases to use contraception, and begins to actively monitor changes in her body, as well as to conduct a special conception calendar. After all, in order to conceive a really healthy child, you need to use special auspicious days for this.

As we know, the process of fertilization affectsa mature woman's egg. After ovulation, the female germ cell is ready for fertilization, and favorable days for conception is a sufficient condition for this, both for women and for men. Spermatozoa men, hitting the body of a woman, can live in this environment for a maximum of five days. At the same time, the woman's body provides five days, the most favorable days for conception, before the onset of ovulation, and fifteen hours after the process of direct ovulation. This means that on such days there is a high probability that the process of conception of the baby will be realized.

In order to clearly know when to comefavorable days for conception, a woman must independently make up her own conception schedule. It must be compiled on a daily basis. The main thing that is necessary to determine the right days, is to find out what day the process of ovulation is taking place. If a woman's monthly cycle consists of twenty-eight days, and is divided into two periods, then the process of ovulation begins on the fourteenth day in the first phase of the female cycle. For every woman, the cycle can be different - longer or shorter, it is determined by individual physiological characteristics. If the cycle lasts less than twenty-four days, or more than thirty-five, then there may be certain difficulties in calculating the period of ovulation. Therefore, determining the favorable days for the conception of a boy or girl will also be a problem. Such a cycle, as a rule, means failure in the process of ovulation.

If you clearly decided to become a mother, thenyou must necessarily make up a personal calendar, where it is necessary to designate auspicious days for conception. Using these useful data, a woman will always be able to navigate well in her cycle, and to understand what days will be dangerous, what are safe, when she has menstruation, and when she has ovulation. To do this, just take any convenient calendar. In it, make a variety of color or graphic notes. By the way, today there are electronic calendars of conception - you can choose the one that will be most convenient for you. Take pencils or markers of different shades, and to indicate different days, use your own color. Monthly mark with one color, ovulation - another, and so on.

Favorable days for conception should be calculatedbe able to every woman, since this is a natural method of contraception, which implies that she has the opportunity to become a mother only on certain days of her monthly cycle. Thanks to this information, many women now can correctly manage their cycle, knowing when it is better for them to conceive a child, or, conversely, to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies.