Where do the flea eggs lay? Egg fleas in a cat or dog

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Fleas are bloodsucking parasites, often penetrate even into those houses where there are no pets. Fighting them will be successful if you destroy not only the insects themselves, but also the flea eggs.

Who are fleas?

These are small parasites with a flat body, they are notcan fly, but due to the long hind legs are able to make jumps up to a meter and a half. They feed exclusively on blood, parasitize animals, but can also bite a person. Their durable shell is very resistant to mechanical stress, so they are very difficult to crush just between the fingers. In addition, catching a parasite is not so easy. But you can find traces of their stay in your house - on the laid eggs. But for this you need to know where the fleas lay their eggs.

fleas of eggs

Than dangerous

Fleas can poison life not only at homepet, but the whole family, because they sometimes do not care who to bite - an animal or a person. Their bites are far from as harmless as it may seem. The fact is that these parasites carry the following diseases:

  • pseudotuberculosis - an acute infectious disease, to tuberculosis of the lungs, despite the name, has no relationship;
  • Tularemia is a bacterial infection that affects the lymph nodes;
  • Brucellosis is an infection that affects multiple organs and systems of the human body;
  • dipilidiosis - infection with banded helminths.

eggs fleas

In addition, a flea bite can causeallergic dermatitis, the itching at the bite sites is quite strong and lasts for several days, during which a person is able to comb the places of bites to the blood, which, in turn, is fraught with infection directly into the wound.

How insects get into the apartment

Paths of penetration of parasites in the homeEnough, but usually they "come" on the wool of pets. But if there are no animals, how then do parasites enter the room? This can happen if a flea jumps on a person's clothes on the street and thus gets into the house. Residents of the first floors, as well as owners of their own homes, are overcome by pests from the cellars.

Fleas are unpretentious at home, they like humidity, dampness, dark dusty places in the house. They feed on the blood of man and animal.

How to understand that in a flea house

The presence of pests in the house is detectedquite easily, they will necessarily leave their marks on the human body and on pets. If you notice that the pet often itches, tries to bite the parasite out of its hair - you know, there were unexpected tenants in your house.

eggs fleas photo

On the human body fleas leave numeroustraces of bites that can be mistaken for mosquito bites. The difference from mosquito bites is that the bites of these insects are intolerable for a long time and strongly, almost no funds save it from itching. In addition, often at the site of bites blisters of medium size, similar to blisters from a burn, are blown up. If all these signs are present, then in the house of a flea. You need to get rid of them immediately, as soon as you notice the first signs of vital activity of the parasites, until they have time to settle down and lay eggs.

what do flea eggs look like

In animal wool you can easily detectbloodsuckers, but their eggs and larvae are so small that it's quite difficult to see them with the naked eye. However, in neglected cases of infection, when the number of larvae and eggs becomes colossal, they can be seen in this way: tiny white balls and flea eggs. The photo shows flea eggs in cats in wool.

In the case of a neglected form of infection, the animalHe suffers greatly, he may have a bald patch, the skin is covered with blisters, small red marks from bites, a seal is felt at the site of the bite. This skin reaction is called allergic dermatitis, and causes her saliva to insect.

flea eggs in cats

Effective tools


On pets it must bea collar of fleas. This will help not only to destroy already existing parasites, it will also serve as a preventive remedy. Collars are of different firms, but the principle of their actions is the same - the collar is impregnated with poisonous for fleas, but safe for pets, substances.

But you need to remember that the collar's action is limited in time, and it needs to be changed about every 3-4 months.

Shampoos against fleas

An effective remedy for fleas can be purchased inveterinary pharmacy. Before use, you should carefully read the instructions, since the concentration of toxic substances in shampoos can vary from each other, so it is important to follow the recommendations for the volume that must be used to treat the animal's fur.

Drops from fleas

Drops are applied to the withers of an animal, so it is notcan lick the poison. Previously, the poisonous substances that make up the product penetrated through the skin into the blood of the animal, after which the fleas, after drinking such blood, perished. Modern means are not absorbed, but remain on the surface of the skin, parasites die from simple contact with the treated skin of the animal.


Poisonous remedies for fleas for processingan infield, a cellar and a premise it is better to get in sanitary-and-epidemiologic service. There you can order the treatment of the room or yard, if for some reason you can not do it yourself.

how to get rid of egg fleas

The agent must be dissolved in water according toinstructions and carefully sprinkle the yard, a backyard or a cellar. Because poisons are often toxic, take care of safety measures: wear a respirator and gloves.

Folk remedies

Fleas are afraid of the smell of citrus, so processedfloors and skirting in the room means with a pungent smell of lemon, you can scare off parasites. You can make this water yourself. Slice the lemon and boil the slices in half a liter of water. Leave overnight for better concentration. Then pour into a spray and spray on various surfaces in the house. The product is ideal for processing soft coatings - carpets and sofas. In addition to the effect of scaring fleas, the agent will bring a pleasant citrus aroma to the house and refresh the furniture upholstery.

In addition, they are scared away by the scent of mint and cedar. As the veterinary consultant Karin A. Smith reports, this is why often a booth for an animal is made of cedar boards. Mint tincture can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy, and you can make it yourself by the example of a lemon solution.

Parasites appear again - what to do?

Sometimes owners of pets are perplexed -it seems to have processed the pet's fur, but after a while the animal starts to itch and bite the fleas again. How so? The fact is that on animals live adult fleas, they lay their eggs not only in the animal's fur, but also throughout the house:

  • in the cracks;
  • behind the plinth;
  • in the litter of the pet;
  • in carpets;
  • in places of dust accumulation, etc.

So that the eggs of fleas and insects themselves weredestroyed, it is necessary to carry out the processing of the entire room. It is advisable to do this at a time to prevent a chance for parasites to survive. Scientists have calculated how many eggs the flea lays. During life, one female is capable of producing offspring from five hundred to two thousand eggs.

Pests are very small, the length of an adult is scarcelyreaches three millimeters. Egg fleas and even less. They are round in shape and white in color. Detect the eggs of fleas, photos of which can be considered in the article, extremely difficult. But you need to know where the flea can put it off. Then the problem of how to destroy flea eggs is much easier to solve.

Get rid of fleas

how to destroy eggs fleas

So, knowing how the flea eggs look and where thethey are laid by the female, it is possible to destroy the entire population of insects. To do this, it is necessary to treat the insecticide not only the pet, but also its litter, all the carpets in the house, wash the floors with water with the addition of parasites in hard-to-reach places. Often the problem helps to solve a common flea shampoo, which can be purchased at a pet store or in a veterinary pharmacy.

Dissolve a small amount of shampoo in water and wash the floors with water throughout the house, spray on carpets and clean them. Wash the animal's litter with this remedy and bathe your pet.

But often the remedies for pests,do not affect their eggs. How to get rid of egg fleas in this case? It is necessary to carry out the treatment of the room at least twice. The fact is that the larva from eggs hatch on average for 14 days and becomes exposed to poisonous substances contained in insecticides. That is, the secondary treatment of the room should be done approximately two weeks after the first. Thus, you will destroy those parasites that did not die during the first treatment.


That fleas are not disturbed, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules:

  • To regularly process the fur of domestic animals by anti-fleet means;
  • erase the litter of the animal;
  • to clean indoors carpets with means against fleas;
  • several times a season to conduct room treatment with insecticides;
  • at the beginning of the planting season, treat the infield area with parasite agents;
  • periodically process the basement of the house.

If the house contains a pet, then regardless of whether the collar is worn or not, the fleece's hair is treated with drops of fleas - it is always necessary to inspect the pet after walking.

If you follow these simple actions, you never think of a problem like fleas.