"Trichopol" from phytophthora - features of application, efficiency and responses

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Phytophthorosis is one of the most dangerous diseasesa vegetable culture that a gardener may encounter. It quickly infects all parts of the plant, from stems to fruits, and finally destroys it. Within a few days he is able to completely cut down the plantation of tomatoes and destroy all the labors of the person who took care of her. As a result, only gnarled and dry bushes will remain on the site without a single tomato on them. Vegetables will lie next to each other, all black and half rotten. This nightmare gardener!

But in fact, not everything is so terrible. If all preventive measures are taken in time, agrotechnics for seed preparation for planting, planting and caring for tomatoes, combating their diseases and pests is observed, the development of late blight can be prevented. When the first signs of the disease appear, it will be necessary to take more radical measures - spray the bushes with special solutions and preparations. Today, many gardeners recommend using the phytophthora "Trichopol". This drug can be purchased at any pharmacy.

from the phytophthora Trichopolum

What is this tool?

"Trichopol" is a medical preparation,appointed to people with trichomoniasis, giardiasis, ulcerative gingivitis and other bacterial infections. The active substance is metronidazole. Preparations created solely on its basis, can not be used to eliminate fungi, viruses, facultative anaerobes.

To "Trichopol" really helped with thetreatment of various diseases, its producers included in its composition additional components: potato starch, starch treacle, gelatin and magnesium stearate. As a result, he began to effectively help in the fight against viruses, fungi and infections, as well as, as time showed, with phytophthora on tomatoes and other vegetable crops.

Trichopol from phytophthora on tomatoes

The advantages of using it in garden plots in the fight against plant diseases include:

  • no need for chemicals;
  • harmless to humans;
  • the possibility of using tomatoes immediately after processing;
  • ability to eliminate and other diseases of tomatoes - powdery mildew and fusariosis.

The disadvantages of fast addictionbacteria to the active substances of the drug. For this reason, experienced gardeners recommend using "Trichopol" in turn with other means, including copper sulfate, "Hom" or "Ridomil".

When to start using?

Use "Trichopol" to combat late blightit is necessary on time, otherwise a good result will not be obtained. The best time is when the first signs of the disease appear. Recall that his symptoms include:

  • rapid yellowing and blackening of the inflorescence;
  • the appearance on the leaves of black or dirty gray spots;
  • the appearance on the fruits, if they already are, of brown spots;
  • the rapid spread of dark marks along the stalk.

If the plants have all these signs,late blight has already passed into the active stage. Fight in this case is best with the help of chemical means, the people's are hardly likely to help. Therefore, spraying the plants with the described preparation should be done in advance.

Trichopol is an effective remedy for phytophthora

How to prepare a solution?

To use "Trichopol" against phytophthora,it must be properly diluted. To do this, take 20 tablets, crush them into powder, pour first in a glass of water, and then in a ten-liter bucket, stir well. Leave to stand for 20-30 minutes. If you want, you can also pour a bubble of green. Experienced gardeners say that this makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the solution. You can use it for tomatoes, as well as for other crops (cucumbers, for example).

Trichopolum from phytophthora reviews

Features of processing

After preparation of a solution of "Trichopol" fromphytophthora on tomatoes or other vegetable crops, you can start spraying. Do it best on a fine day. In this case, the effect of the treatment will last longer. Spray should be all parts of the bushes. The liquid from them should literally run down to the ground. If after a few days it began to rain, the procedure should be repeated.

Total for the season for preventive purposesSprinkle tomatoes and other vegetable crops "Trichopolum" should be twice: in early summer and before harvesting. But this if there is no disease, when it appears, it can be treated at least daily until all the signs disappear. It is worth noting that some gardeners recommend increasing the number of sprayings up to 1 time in 10 days. However, this can cause the bacteria and fungi to get used to the components of the drug. As a result, the effectiveness of the treatments will decrease to zero.

Trichopol treatment with phytophthora

Auxiliary fertilizing

To "Trichopol" from phytophthora on tomatoes wasthe most effective, in its solution, you can add a conventional pharmacy zelenok or alcohol solution of iodine. For a ten-liter bucket, it is recommended to take 1 bottle of any of these products. It is also worthwhile to alternate the treatment with the spraying of bushes by other means. For example, you can:

  1. Take 2 heads of garlic, grind them well and pour a liter of fermented yogurt. Stir and pour into a ten-liter bucket of water. Spray each bush.
  2. Pour 25 drops of iodine into 1 liter of whey, mix well and pour into a bucket of water. Process the plants.

When spraying with any of these meansIt is necessary to ensure that the escaped liquid is absorbed into the ground near the plants. Thus, it will serve not only as a protection against disease, but also as a supplement for tomatoes.

Can I replace it with other means?

"Trichopol" is an effective remedy for phytophthora andwhile quite sparing. There is practically no harm from it. But if necessary, it can really be replaced by other means. For example, in eliminating a disease, you can help:

  • Infusion of edible salt (0.5 kg per 5 liters of water, let stand for 2-3 hours, spray as necessary);
  • Infusion of manure (1/4 kg for 6 liters of water, cooking time - 1 day, the number of treatments - 2 times a month);
  • Infusion of wood tinder (100 grams of gruel for 1 liter of water, spray every 2 weeks).

Also, plant bushes from phytophthora cansprinkle with a yeast solution. To make it, you need to take 100 grams of dry raw materials and send them to a 10 liter bucket with warm water. Let stand for 2 hours, after which sprinkle tomatoes. The number of repetitions per season is 2-3 times.

Trichopolum from phytophthora on tomatoes отзывы

Reviews about "Trichopolis" from phytophthora

Response of people about the use of the drug onown sites are different. Some say that it really helps, so its use fully justifies itself. Disease after spraying it quickly retreats and does not appear again. And also argue that it will be better to use it than any chemical means of unknown origin.

Trichopolum against phytophthora

Others recommend "not reinventing the wheel", butsprinkle tomato bushes with proven means: "Fitosporin", preparations of copper, "Bactofit" and so on. Whose side to adhere to when reading reviews about "Trichopolis" from phytophthora on tomatoes, it's up to you. Just remember: in the fight against this "enemy" all means are good. Therefore, you can apply drugs in the garden in turn.

Cost of funds

To make the processing of "Trichopol" fromphytophthors, you must first purchase it in a regular or online pharmacy. The price of this drug ranges from 70 to 100 rubles for 20 tablets. If the cost seems too high, you can order an analogue of it - "Metronidazole", which costs about 15 rubles. Use any of these drugs to irrigate tomatoes and cucumbers. The method of preparing solutions for processing plants is the same.

Note to gardeners!

Spraying "Trichopol" from phytophthora tomatoesand other vegetable crops most often shows a positive result: the disease recedes, the tomatoes acquire a healthy appearance. At the same time, their safety is preserved for human health. But if treatment with the solution did not help, late blight appeared anyway, it is necessary to resort to plant protection with the help of chemical fungicides: "Fitosporina", Bordeaux fluid, "Bactofit" and others. Good luck in the fight!