Delightful lavender: planting and care

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Lavender from seeds is a beautiful plant,which conquers with its fragrance, distinguished by subtlety and grace. Gardeners have long used it to decorate their flower beds. With the help of fluffy bushes of lavender, which are full of their spikelets, you can perfectly add a curb or alpine hill.

lavender planting and care
Of course, to get a luxurious flower bedmake a lot of efforts. Lavender needs regular care. In the complex of events must include items such as loosening the soil, removing weeds, watering, pruning, fertilizing fertilizers, preparing for wintering.

For such a heat-loving plant, like lavender,planting and care are of great importance. For cultivation in the open ground of this perennial, not every climatic zone is suitable. For a cold climate, it is recommended to plant bushes in vases, which can easily be sent to a warm place at the slightest hint of cooling. Potter culture involves the cultivation of any varieties of lavender.

lavender from seeds
The key to beautiful lavender will be the right choiceplaces where it should be planted. The most suitable is an open area, which will be well illuminated by the sun's rays. The bushes will be well in the shade, however, you should not expect a profuse and long flowering.

Lavender, planting and care for which are important, verysensitive to the level of soil moisture. It is not necessary to plant the plant in a wetland or in a land with closely located groundwater. If you do not have much to choose from, then you can try to get rid of excess moisture by means of an artificial elevation, to which the bushes will later be planted. In addition, it is necessary to use a drainage layer, which will relieve the roots of the plant from water.

If you plant a plant that is demandinglevel of acidity and soil structure, it is lavender. Planting and nursing in dubious conditions will be difficult, therefore, to be sure, it is best to slightly feed the soil with wood ash or lime. These soil deoxidants are effective. And to make the soil quite porous, you will need regular composting. With its help, the soil will not only loosen itself, but will also receive additional nutrients.

lavender for hair
Lavender, planting and caring for which is veryresponsible process, badly tolerates transplantation in adulthood. If this can not be avoided, then it should be done carefully and with a large clump of earth. Better, of course, immediately determine where the bushes are located, which were grown from seeds.

Assistance in determining the distance can be provided bysuch a proportion. Neighbors should be separated by the maximum size of the height of one bush. Only in this case will a magnificent color. If there is a desire to build a green fence, then the distance should be reduced by half. This will make the plantations more monolithic. This beautiful garden plant will delight you not only with a beautiful appearance, but also with a wonderful aroma. In addition, everyone knows how lavender for hair is useful, and therefore, it can be used for personal purposes.