What color roses are: types and shades

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When a man carries a bouquet of roses, involuntarily jealousthe one to whom they are intended. These flowers are majestic, strict and tender at the same time. They are magnificent and in a bouquet, and on a garden site, and on a city bed.

From the history

what color are roses
Ancient sources testify that rosesappeared even in the time of Babylon, which existed around the 3rd millennium BC. Now there are more than 20 thousand varieties. They differ from each other in origin, color and other features.

Especially popular

An ordinary person who tries to look at the eyeto distinguish one variety from another, will ask: "What color are the roses and what distinguishes them?" The rose can have as many different shades as you can imagine. The most popular are white, red and yellow. The most "running" - it's red or burgundy, which is called a stitched one. It is distinguished by a high stalk and has wide petals. As a rule, usually roses come in red for sale.

Rare colors

what color are roses
Of rare tones, the "queen of the garden" meets withWhat color? Are roses rare shades? Yes, there is a hybrid of burgundy rose, which has a tea stalk. A hybrid is called a "black" rose. It turns out that there are also blue roses. Not so long ago, they were taken out by geneticists who "received" a gene responsible for the blue color of plants. Earlier blue or blue color was achieved by means of tinting, now blue roses grow in greenhouses: they are taken out as genetically modified variety.

Some features of the flower:

  • Gardeners like the so-called "wrinkled" varieties: they are convenient for decorating fences and grow up to 1 meter in height.
  • To the most frost-resistant climbing varietiesbelongs to the variety "Francus" or "Gloria Day". Some of the most beautiful among their relatives, they perfectly take root in the garden and grow well in flower pots. And what color are roses of these varieties? White, yellow and red.
  • There are selection varieties, for example,Corrugated. Their buds differ by swirling petals on a thin stem. They are grown usually on flowerbeds located in the central part of the garden or in the flower pots of the house.
  • Park plants are different from others? And what color are roses near palaces or mansions? Flowers for park cultivation are small in size, and their stems are branched. There are up to 30 flowers on the bush. Shades - the most diverse.
  • Garden plants - large, shaggy, have frequent petals, and tones - bright and saturated.
  • Flowers are striped and bicolour, both bright and pale.
  • The smell of roses is tender, fresh, saturated, witha variety of fragrant nuances. Petals emit essential oil, which gives a range of aromas. Sorts, the most "ancient", exude the aromas of freshness. Modern types have odors, similar to melon or watermelon, sometimes even perfume.

rose yellow photo
Interesting color symbols:

- white flowers give brides as a symbol of the beginning and innocence;

- Yellow rose (photo above) symbolizes the way of life, inner harmony;

- Reds are usually given to loved ones, thereby speaking about their affection or favors.

We hope that with the help of the article we opened the veil a bit and answered the question about what color roses are.