Last year there were roses on the bushes. Why not blossom now?

Home cosiness

The beauty of the rose is the eye of enchantment. Many flower growers bred roses both on the plot and at home, so that their delicate flowers delight the eye not only in the summer, but throughout the year.

roses why not bloom
Home, or Chinese, a rose blossoms all the timewith proper care. Here is the solution to the situation: "I used to have roses bloomed, why not blossom now?" Perhaps, it is worth pondering and re-reading the special literature on the care of these flowers. In flower shops sell potted and room roses. So, potted roses are short-lived, it's just a gift version. These roses are grown using a large number of fertilizers, which cause rapid growth and the same rapid wilting within one to two weeks. There is nothing to help. Their age is short. Another thing - a home rose.

Why does not a home rose blossom?

The most important reason for the non-flowering of the rose is the wrong care for it. So, what are the possible reasons why the rose ceased to bloom?

  1. We put a pot of roses in a dark place. If it does not have enough sun, it is possible to light a rose with artificial light lamps, it will blossom, as in the case of sunlight.
  2. why the home rose does not blossom
    The room is slightly ventilated, not enough fresh air.
  3. The soil is inappropriate acidity (rose loves neutral soils).
  4. Perhaps, much water was flooded (if this is winter time, this is unacceptable) or dried up the soil (in the summer time you need copious watering).
  5. The temperature regime is broken: the temperature should not be lower than + 15 °, or, possibly, the rose stands in a draft.
  6. For a long time did not change, and an annual transplant is recommended.
  7. Not cut in the spring, and the rose did not give side shoots.
  8. The defeat of roses by pests.
  9. Incorrectly trimmed.
  10. For a long time did not feed the plant with the recommendation to do it every week in the spring and summer period and every month - in the winter.
  11. Overfeed the soil with fertilizers, which led to its salinization.

Here, it would seem, is a small list of reasons why roses do not bloom.

Why do not flowers garden roses?

In the garden area, as a rule, flower growersplant shrub and climbing roses. One of the reasons for the non-flowering of the rose is a bad wintering. A climbing rose is a one-year plant, so the appearance of buds should be expected on young branches.

why the rose ceased to bloom
By the way, pruning a lenticular rose, you need to deleteshoots and last year's shoots. And it is necessary to fertilize. If we talk about the private bushes of roses, why these plants do not bloom, we can stop for one important reason. Perhaps this is because the planted plants are planted and the blind shoots discarded by the rose below the graft are not removed in spring. As a result, the plant will be strangled with a rosehip, which is vaccinated. Perhaps, no regular fertilizing of the rose. Why do not homemade beauties bloom, it becomes clear. It is necessary to fertilize the bush rose, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers. And it is important to let the roses dry before hibernation, covered with waterproof material during heavy rains, and immediately before the onset of colds, bush the bushes with peat or cover with dry leaves.