Healing lovage: useful properties, application, cultivation

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Lyubistok - plant-perennial, in appearanceand the smell is very similar to celery. Due to its delicate and gentle aroma it is used in cooking, giving dishes a special refinement. Since ancient times miraculous and magical properties of grass lovers are known. Toddlers were bathed in a decoction of grass to be loved, brides were sewn into the hem of the wedding dress leaves so that the husband loved.

loves useful properties
Modern science explained why popular lovage, whose useful properties,turns out to be a high content of minerals and vitamins. Being the strongest aphrodisiac, lovage and received the glory of a magical plant. What is popular lovage? Its application in cosmetology, medicine, cooking is known to many.

Cooking application

The root is used to make medicinaltea, which contributes to a significant improvement in the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. As a spice and an excellent aromatizer lovage is used in the preparation of meat, salads and confectionery. You can also make an excellent treat for children in the form of sweets, if you weld the grass in sugar. And if used regularly, the charge of vivacity and tremendous energy is provided to the body every day.

lovage, application

Application in medicine

Both in folk and in traditional medicine widelyapply lovage. Useful properties of plants are used in anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxatives. The wound healing properties of grass juice are also known. The curative power lovage is used to treat the nervous system, to combat various inflammations, to eliminate flatulence. Well proven grass in the fight against parasites. Women especially appreciate lovage, whose useful properties help save many families. The power of the plant is able to release alcohol addiction. Prepare a miracle infusion is quite simple: you need to put a root of grass and two leaves of laurel into a glass of vodka. The solution should last for two weeks. Then you need to drink this solution to drink alcohol. And the disease is healed. And the essential oil from this rastaniya has the ability to attract men.

Application in cosmetology

If you have dull, brittle and thinhair, then the best way to cure them is simply not to find them. Ljubistok not only strengthens hair, but also gives them shine and shine. Use the plant and with

lover, growing
skin problems. Regular baths with the addition of grass will help restore elasticity and elasticity to the skin.

Plant Cultivation

Many are trying to grow on their dachasites lovage, useful properties of which it is difficult to overestimate. And he looks pretty attractive. In the first year the plant will surprise you with its height, beautiful colors of yellow color. And over time it will grow into a large and beautiful bush. Those who came to visit you must be interested in lovage, the cultivation of which is not difficult. This plant is unpretentious, grows on any soils, does not require high humidity, can grow in the shade, even frosts are not terrible for him. It is enough to make a small amount of fertilizer before planting. And grow, loving, for the joy and benefit of others.