Chestnut flowers - healing and useful near

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In May, the flowers of chestnut become an ornament of ourcities, their red and white candles look beautiful and elegant. Chestnut is attractive not only for its beauty, but also for its healing properties. Official medicine uses the fruits of this tree for the preparation of such medicines as "Escuzan", "Anvenol" and many others. These drugs are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, thrombofelitis, violations of peripheral blood supply. Traditional medicine uses not only fruits, but also chestnut flowers, its leaves, bark, in general, everything except the root.

The flower of the chestnut has an inflorescence of pyramidal form. The inflorescence is cut off, the column removed and dried. After that, prepare the infusion of dried flowers, which must be infused for 12 hours. A day should take from one to one and a half liters of infusion. Chestnut flowers are good for high blood coagulability, infusion is used to strengthen blood vessels.

Flowers are used to make tea, whichhas a calming effect. To make such a tea, just take a little dried flowers and pour them with boiling water. After the composition is infused for about 15 minutes, add a little more pure boiled water to it, and you can use it. Do it better at night, you can drink tea with honey.

Often used and juice obtained from freshflowers of chestnut. It is mixed with vodka in a 1: 3 ratio. This tincture is better to take in the winter, when there is a lack of vitamins and minerals. To infusion is better absorbed, it must be taken with sweet jam or honey.

Chestnut flowers are used to prepare a decoction, which is used to treat blood diseases. As an additional tool, the infusion is used to treat a brain tumor.

The practice of applying chestnut flowers together withcolors of lilac, this combination gives a very good result in the treatment of radiculitis. In this case, a tincture of flowers is used, which is rubbed with sore spots. Also this tincture well helps with various rheumatic, arthritic and gouty pains.

Using juice from the flowers of chestnut helpsin the treatment of thrombosis and the expansion of veins. Long-term use of this juice can significantly alleviate hemorrhoidal pain, and at the initial stage of the disease - and at all, to defeat it. Tincture of flower juice is used for uterine bleeding, occurring during the onset of menopause or for other reasons, but only not associated with the formation of malignant tumors. Also, this broth successfully helps to fight radiation sickness.

Like other folk remedies, drugs,prepared from chestnuts, including flowers, should not be used thoughtlessly and in unlimited quantities. Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Chestnut, the flower of which is used in medicine,has other useful properties, the raw material of this tree has found its application in many other industries. Chestnut has softwood, which is very appreciated when doing wood carving, it is well colored even with transparent paints and varnishes. The fruits of chestnut are used for fattening animals, they are very fond of pigs and sheep. Since the chestnut tree is a fairly shade-tolerant tree, it is widely used in the organization of park areas, as well as in landscape gardening.

With the help of research it is established that thiswood very well purifies the air of exhaust gases, so it is planted in cities. Chestnut flowers are also an excellent honey, give a lot of pollen and nectar. In the chestnut nectar, about 70% of the sugar is present. Honey turns transparent, very quickly crystallizes.