Romance or betrayal: why does a rose dream?

Spiritual development

At all times, it was the rose that was considered the mostbeautiful flower. Moreover, it is a mystical symbol of so many religions. Rose is a universal image of beauty and love, because the bouquets of these beautiful flowers are a sign of a man's deep feelings for a woman, and also of his serious intentions towards her. But what do dreams mean in which these wonderful flowers are present, what does the rose dream about? We learn in our article.

Dreams with roses: Miller's dream book

what does a rose dream about

The American scientist gives his explanation for thisdreams. According to him, roses that smell and blossom are forerunners of the beloved's faithfulness, as well as the approach of some joyful event (probably, a wedding).

If the roses in your sleep have faded, then your favorite, most likely, you are cheated on the side.

Do you breathe in their fragrance in a dream? Expect pure and bright joy.

If a woman dreams, how she cuts roses, making up whole bouquets of them, then the offer of the hand and heart from the gentleman is not far off.

To see bushes with roses - to material and stable well-being.

What does a rose dream: a dream book of Freud

Sigmund Freud believes that roses, like any other flowers, are the embodiment of femininity.

Spikes on the stems of roses are male phalluses. Therefore, if you dream of a thorn in a dream, then in reality you will be solicited. Possible coitus.

A bouquet of roses, presented to you in a dream, speaks of an extraordinary interest in you from the male population.

what do many roses dream about

What do you think, why do you dream about many roses thatyou collect in a bouquet, according to this dream book? Freud believes that this is a symbol of your passionate nature. If you give someone this bouquet - you are a skilled craftsman pleasure (including sexual) to other people.

If you dream of roses that have not yet opened, expect replenishment. If the roses are already fading - your sexual relationship will not bear fruit.

Dreams of Hossa: What is the dream of a rose?

  • Flowering roses are a symbol of joy and happiness. Sometimes it is a symbol of temptation.
  • Are you tearing roses in a dream? Prepare for an early wedding. Gets them as a gift? To pure love!
  • If you dream of roses with sharp and large spines, then await some trouble.

In principle, any interpretation of what is dreamed oflive roses, is iridescent for the dreamer. The exception is only yellow roses. In this case, you expect treason or fear. For example, white roses are the lucky choice of a life partner.

What does a rose dream about: Wangi's dream book

what does live roses look like

Like everywhere else, Vanga's vibrant and beautiful flowering roses are a symbol of great happiness, and wilted and withered roses are a symbol of troubles and illnesses.

  • If a girl in a dream tears a rose, she involuntarily prepares herself for a relationship of a sexual nature (with a man or a woman).
  • If a woman who tears a rose, has pricked - reality is in full swing.
  • White roses are a symbol of love and pure thoughts,pink - a sign of prosperity, red - a note of passion, and black - mourning. Some are dreaming of blue roses, this is a mystical sign, symbolizing interference from otherworldly forces.
  • If you see a bouquet of roses in front of you in the dream, prepare for the recognition of love from your boyfriend. Know, this is pure and sincere love.
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