Why gold earrings or how to manage your life?

Spiritual development

The fact that diamonds are the best girl's friends, knows the whole world. Women say it proudly and almost haughtily, and men - gritting their teeth and turning inside out their wallets.

what is the dream of gold earrings
Especially greedy ladies see diamonds even insleep, and usually they are accompanied by a beautiful prince on a black "Ferrari". Such a dream hardly foreshadows any bad events and, most likely, more reveals the character of the dreamer than predicts the future. But what to expect from tomorrow, if gold is dreaming? Is this a good dream? Gold earrings to see - to what?

It all depends on the context

It is exceptionally positive to interpret such a dreamIt is impossible, and its meaning largely depends on the context. It is generally believed that gold as a whole dreams of great luck, but the man who dreamed of the above jewelry, should not expect anything good from the future. This dream says that soon he will have to face an extremely responsible affair. Perhaps it will be something like buying a diamond necklace for your passion.

Gold is something that is equally pleasant in life and in sleep

Many women think about what the golden earrings look like, especially if they saw such a dream on a night from Thursday to Friday.

dream gold earrings
You might think that a prophetic dream, and soon youwill adorn happiness in the form of two cute little earrings, but the meaning can be much deeper. Such a dream can mean that your boss plans to raise you or increase your salary. Also, the golden earrings seen in a dream can be a sign of a pleasant acquaintance with a successful and handsome young man. But what is the dream of a gold earring for a young and busy girl? It could mean a quick marriage. But you have to be careful - marriage can be for mercenary purposes. If a woman dreams that she pretties herself in front of a mirror and puts on her earrings, this can mean the closeness of a beautiful novel. In any case, you should also try to remember how much gold was on the earrings. The more of them were cast from precious metal, the more luck that means a given dream. This is what the gold earrings look like!

Does wealth always bring luck?

However, not always such a dream will meansomething good. Here you can draw an analogy with real life. If you at least have a superficial look at the history of the world, you can not help noticing that most of the human evils occurred precisely because of untold riches. The same is observed in a dream.

find in a dream gold earrings
For example, if the earrings in a dream are presented - this is toluck, but if you lost - then wait for trouble. But why do you dream of gold earrings that you sell to someone? Perhaps it promises the loss of a close friend or loved one, and generally does not mean anything good. There is another very interesting interpretation of what a dream can mean. Gold earrings, which a woman asks her for a woman, can mean that there is a potential danger that a man will leave her for a mistress. Just keep the jewelry in a dream - to a valuable acquisition, but it is undesirable to drop the earrings. This is considered a sign of loss of a valuable thing or an important contact.

Nothing predicts the future better than a diary

A valuable find in life, as in dreams, is alwaysto a good mood. Finding a gold earring in a dream means finding a good friend in the near future. They say that this is exactly a symbol of favors of fortune. Perhaps the person who saw this dream will soon get rich or receive one of the leading positions in his company. But to find and lose in a dream gold earrings - a fairly neutral symbol. Maybe something good will come to you as easily as it will go. However, it is not necessary to be upset in advance - we still make our own destiny. You can pay attention to the dream, but you can not let him manage his intentions and decisions. Always be guided by common sense, and then happiness will necessarily come to you.