Interpretation of dreams: why dreams of roses?

Spiritual development

Why do roses? In the English dream book, the luxurious "flower queen" symbolizes happiness, longevity, prosperity. If the red roses dreamed from Friday to Saturday, wait for a love date.

What does the roses look like?
Large, fragrant buds promise: men - to meet their destiny, and women - to marry a wealthy person. Especially good such dreams are for businessmen and entrepreneurs, because they also promise wealth. Withered flowers will bring with them nothing but illnesses and failures. However, if you show your sophisticated ingenuity in business, this prediction will not come true.

Why the Roses are Dreamed by Hasse's Dream

What does the red roses look like?
Fresh roses represent enthusiastic joy. If in a dream you tore a flower for a flower, then you will soon get married to your spouse, or maybe even children. To receive a bouquet as a gift - to mutual and true love. Maybe your chosen one has long been trying to achieve your location, but you do not take it seriously? Long prickly thorns symbolize trouble. The second meaning is fear. Surely you are afraid of something in the depths of your soul, although you try not to show it in public. Yellow roses, as is known, indicate the betrayal of the second half. Why do you dream of red roses? Of course, to unlimited love! The purity of white roses will endure sudden happiness, and withering flowers will shake your excessive self-confidence.

Why the roses are dreamed of by Miller's dream book

Red roses dreamed
Fragrant alive roses - unconditional symboljoy and love. A young girl who cuts beautiful roses in her sleep will soon marry a loved one. Withered flowers indicate that while you are still in the search stage, you swear. Take a closer look at your close friends of the opposite sex. Maybe there is one among them? Roses, on the petals of which glitter droplets of morning dew, talk about your Siberian health. Enjoy the floral scent - to a pleasant surprise. Perhaps your relatives noticed that you are bored and want to cheer you up. When a girl dreams that she is given a whole bunch of wonderful roses, then someone very dear to the heart will appreciate your merits and, finally, pay attention to you. A rose bush, barely beginning to bloom, foreshadows the material well-being of you and your family, and the shrub bush promises nothing but trouble. Roses of unusual bright scarlet, "burning", colors will fulfill your cherished desire. But beware of deceit, if in a dream you decorate your hair with a flower bud.

Why roses are dreamed of Grishina's noble dream book

Live beautiful roses will bring again onlygood. If in a dream you have a flower garden in which thousands of roses grow, then in real life you will have unlimited opportunities for creativity! According to this dream book, snow-white roses are harbingers of diseases. Could you catch a subtle floral fragrance? Then you are different by faithfulness, naivety and integrity. If you dream, as you yourself give someone a chic bouquet, the higher forces will be favorable to you all next year, and the cases, accordingly, will go up the hill.