Tooth dreams or what does the teeth look like?

Spiritual development

Each of us came across a phenomenon whena very bright and clear dream is dreamed, and on waking you can tell it with all the details. And the reality of such a dream is so great that a person checks to see if he continues. And in such cases, I really want to check that the same dream means to interpret it correctly, it's not for nothing that it is so colorful and all remained in the memory. For example, teeth. They often disappear and almost always interpretations for such dreams are accurate. What is a tooth in a dream, what does the teeth look like?

Total importance of teeth in sleep

Healthy, white, even and without flaws - somethingvaluable, important and good. It can mean well-being, solving problems. Patients, yellow, with jagged - deterioration of affairs, problems with state of health, quarrels, squabbles. They can mean collapse, loss and conflict in any sphere of life. Sometimes it means positive acquisitions. If the teeth in your mouth, healthy and smooth - you do not miss yours, and you will be lucky in everything. Knock out teeth - they want to take something back.

Your teeth in a dream are a person

Teeth in a dream always mean something important to you. Many dream books say that this is some kind of person who is not indifferent to you. And if in a dream such a tooth falls out, then a dream can mean a serious illness leading to death. The front teeth are children or teenagers, big ones are adults and old people. If the tooth with a hole is a decrepit old man. The more painful the loss of a tooth in a dream, the more serious the loss of a person and relationships in reality. Without pain, everything will pass unnoticed for you. This important person is now in your thoughts - that's what your teeth dream about.

But not always the explanation is so tragic. Often losing a tooth means simply losing a person. It can be his move, his departure from your team or company. Sometimes it means the departure of such a person from your life, the loss of significance for you. Perhaps he will do something unpleasant and fall in your eyes. Or it can be a quarrel with complete separation, if the tooth was torn out.

Interpretation of sleep with blood - what does the teeth withblood? If the dying tooth bleeds, then you are connected with this person by blood ties. And the more blood, the closer it is to you by kinship. Accordingly, the loss of such a tooth can mean illness and death. Or disappearance of a person from your life.

Teeth in a dream - tangible

Sometimes such a dream signifies some important thingor an act that you release from yourself. It can be a gift or a service that you are going to do. They mean a lot to you, and for them you expect sincere gratitude.

And if you see teeth, but they are strong, then you have not yet decided to do this act, give this thing, says the dream book. The tooth is loose - you are at the crossroads of decision-making, and if you fell out - subconsciously you have already made this step. A lot of blood - you expect a response or gratitude, perhaps material.

Other people's teeth

To see someone toothless or with falling teeth- your ill-wishers will suffer heavy losses, and they will not have enough strength to discredit or disclaim you. Golden teeth - gossip, bad news. False, false teeth - insincere relationships, falsehood from the surrounding people. If the artificial teeth you have - you are hypocritical with others, do not reveal the true cause of your actions. If the false teeth of another person - this person has a hidden motive of communicating with you, his intentions are dishonest. That's how you can differently interpret what your teeth dream about.

To see how a young tooth grows - to receive newskills, experience, wisdom. Also - the ability to find a quick and optimal solution to existing problematic issues. Consider the fallen tooth - there are gains in personal life (graduation, marriage, childbirth, divorce).

For idle sleep with a tooth can mean a quick acquaintance with the chosen one and the wedding. For family - the addition or expansion. For a woman, teeth can also mean an early pregnancy.

Apparently, if the question "what does the teeth look like" torments, then in each individual case the dream can be based on the situation.