Spilled alcohol: how to distinguish from the present?

Food and drink

Every day the demand for expensive and elitebeverages. As a result, many counterfeits appeared on the market, the use of which often leads to severe poisoning. As a rule, counterfeit is quite tolerable alcohol. But at the same time, many pay for it, as for elite alcohol. So how to distinguish between alcohol and alcohol?


Where to buy alcohol

You can protect yourself from poisoning, only carefullygoing to the choice of alcoholic beverages. Buy these products only in those organizations that have the appropriate rights and certificates. Most often, alcohol is sold by private individuals, who make it themselves. However, some varieties of alcohol can be realized not only by certain companies, but also by individual entrepreneurs. Such beverages include mead, cider, beer and so on.

Buy alcohol only instationary points of sale. When buying a seller must issue a check. It is worth saving if the quality of the product raises doubts. Other places of sale of beverages, which contain alcohol, are illegal. Do not buy alcohol through online stores, as well as with hands.

alcohol poisoning

Price is the best benchmark

Spilled alcohol is very often bottledfrom under the elite and expensive alcohol. Differs by color or by smell when buying is very difficult. Therefore, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the cost of the product. Agree, can not a bottle of good whiskey or cognac cost no more than 500 rubles. Often such goods can be seen even in small stalls. This simply can not be.

Of course, remember all the features of packagingelite varieties of spirits is not so simple. In addition, in a large assortment it is very difficult to target a person who rarely drinks alcohol.

Stickers and excise stamps

If necessary, you can request certificateson alcohol from the seller. However, if you are not a professional product expert, you are unlikely to understand the provided papers. Special attention should be paid to excise stamps and stickers. This should pay attention even when buying elite alcohol in supermarkets and specialized stores.

The excise stamp is a kind of quality guarantee. In order not to buy spilled alcohol, always demand a check. To counterfeit it you just will not get through.

What can be in the bottle

Poisoning with alcohol is carried veryheavy. Often after the use of such drinks, there is a fatal outcome. Therefore, when choosing an alcohol should be careful. Of course, if the bottle was just vodka, painted with burnt sugar, then such a product is not of great danger.

However, there are situations when under the guise of elitealcohol is sold methanol. This is a very dangerous product. Essentially, methanol is wood or methyl alcohol, which belongs to the category of technical liquids. This is a very dangerous and terrible poison. Because of him, people become disabled or die. Methyl alcohol is practically the same as usual. It is impossible to detect the presence of this substance in a drink even after opening the bottle. By color and taste, methanol resembles ordinary alcohol.

how to distinguish between bleached alcohol

The first signs of poisoning: severe weakness, nausea, dizziness, pain throughout the body, slowed breathing and palpitations, a coma, in which a person does not respond to stimuli.

Effective methods

Sparkling alcohol is very difficult to distinguish from the present. However, there are several proven methods:

  1. To start, set fire to the drink. Ethyl alcohol burns blue flame, and woody - green.
  2. If the alcohol is clear, then you can throw fresh potatoes into it. In ethanol it will remain white, and in methyl alcohol it will acquire a pinkish hue.
  3. You can put hot wire in a container with a drink. Ethyl alcohol will not smell at all, and methyl will abruptly smell of formaldehyde.
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