How to make chanterelles. A few delicious recipes

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Chanterelles are the most popular type of mushrooms,containing many useful substances. But that they are well absorbed by the body, you need to know how to make chanterelles. The fact is that they are hard to digest by the body and when preparing dishes it is necessary to use them in the most crushed form. These mushrooms are never wormy. You can prepare chanterelles in different ways. They are marinated, salted, fried, boiled and dried. Also, chanterelles are used as an additional ingredient for preparing various dishes.

If you have fresh mushrooms, you canto cook a very rich and tasty mushroom soup. It takes about 45 minutes to cook, but the dish turns out to be unmatched. Take a three-liter pot and pour water into it. Then we need about one liter of fresh chanterelles. They need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned, and then dropped into a saucepan and put on fire. If the mushrooms are large, then cut them into halves. When the water in the saucepan boils, you need to drain it and rinse the mushrooms. Then pour new water, a little more than half the pot, and put it on the fire. After the water boils, cook the mushrooms for about 15 minutes.

Now we need to make a dressing for the soup. We take one onion and cut it very finely. Fry it in a frying pan using vegetable oil. Then add to it one tablespoon of any flour. Fry for 1-2 minutes. Next, add grated carrots. All the ingredients are mixed and add to them one glass of cream. Refueling weighed on a frying pan for about two minutes. In a pan with chanterelles we put the potatoes cut into not very large slices. Add salt to taste.

Now put the prepared refueling in the soup. Cook all together until the potatoes are ready (about 10-15 minutes). At the end of cooking, you need to add chopped greens and green onions. Before you eat, the soup should be infused.

To prepare this dish you can useas a basis of broth, but it is at the discretion of the hostess. If you want the soup to have a mushroom flavor, then cook it according to the classic recipe. Soup of chanterelles can be served by adding sour cream.

How to cook chanterelles for a festive table? We offer a julienne recipe. To make it, you need 300 grams of chanterelles. First we take one onion and cut it very finely. After this, it is necessary to fry it with the addition of vegetable oil, until it becomes transparent. Mushrooms are cut as small as possible. For a julien it is desirable that all the ingredients be crushed as best as possible. Add the chanterelles to the frying pan and fry them. Then pour in about two tablespoons of sour cream or cream. All the ingredients must be extinguished within two minutes. Next, add a teaspoon of flour and mix everything well. After two minutes turn off the fire. Now the cooking of mushrooms is over. Chanterelles in a sauce of sour cream or cream should be transferred to the coconut. If not, you can use one container. On top of the julienne sprinkle with grated cheese and put in the oven for five minutes. It is necessary that the cheese is melted. If you do not know how to prepare chanterelles for a festive table, then use this recipe.

From these mushrooms you can cook a sauce thatwill be an excellent addition to a meat dish or even a simple mashed potatoes. We mushrooms and onions. Fry them in a frying pan or in a saucepan. Then add the cream or sour cream. Salt and pepper can be used at your discretion. We pour the dish with sauce and sprinkle it with finely chopped herbs.

Now you know how to make chanterelles. If there is no possibility to use them in fresh form, then the mushrooms can be frozen. To do this, lightly boil them in salt water for 40 minutes. Drain the liquid and place mushrooms in the freezer.