Coconut oil (cold pressed): price, application. Unrefined coconut oil of cold pressing

Food and drink

Coconut oil is widely popular not only in thoseareas where palm trees grow, but also in other countries. Not all of its types are equally useful, so you need to know which product is worth using. Researchers believe that it is better to use coconut oil (cold pressed) unrefined. It is it that gives the hair a chic luster.

coconut oil cold-pressed

Woman and Beauty

These two concepts are inseparable. But in order for curls and nails to radiate health, you need to work hard. Today, there are many means of care, but coconut oil is a multifunctional drug that most girls prefer.

How useful is coconut oil?

It is obtained from the pulp of coconuts. Coconut oil of cold pressing is very popular. The price for it is acceptable and does not "bite", in Russia its cost is about 250-300 rubles. The properties of this product are explained by the fact that the composition is unique in its kind due to fatty acids and vitamin E. Oil refers to a solid - if the temperature value is low, it freezes. But it can be easily melted in a water bath or in a microwave. The product has a pleasant aroma, and it is produced by the method of cold pressing. Refined is characterized by a lack of odor and contains much less useful components, since they are lost during cleaning.

The oil has antifungal andantibacterial properties, restores damaged cells, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair, and neutralizes the effects of unfavorable external factors.

coconut oil cold pressed price

Why is coconut oil so popular?

This is because the oil does notonly therapeutic, but also preventive properties. It consists of acids, each of which has certain characteristics. Their complex effect on the body brings unquestionable benefit. If you regularly use coconut oil (cold pressing), you can achieve good results:

- Strengthen the hair;

- soften the skin;

- slow down the aging of the body;

- increase immunity;

- remove cholesterol plaques;

- Reduce sugar levels and get rid of subcutaneous fat;

- reduce pain and swelling;

- accelerate the process of wound healing;

- Remove foci of inflammation.

If you know all the properties that coconutcold pressed oil, its application can be quite diverse. With its help, you can not only improve the appearance and well-being, but also conduct experiments in cooking, diversify the taste of many familiar dishes and turn your own kitchen into a restaurant. In order not to harm, it is necessary to clearly know the dosage and adhere to the rules of using oil in each specific case.

Where is coconut oil used?

This product is considered universal, so it can be used in the following areas:

  • Make masks for the face and body.
  • To add in baths for bathing.
  • Use as a healing agent.
  • Apply for body care after sunbathing.
  • To do massages.
  • To add to food.

Application in cosmetology

In this area, oil can be used up toinfinity: caring for the hands, hair, nails and the body as a whole. If you use this remedy correctly, the fatty acids will have a very beneficial effect on the body.

 coconut oil for cold-pressed applications

Strengthening the curls, it is worth remembering thatIt is not necessary to apply unrefined coconut oil of cold pressing to the roots of the hair. This can cause irritation and itching. It is more expedient to apply it along the entire length of the hair: the structure will be restored, the fragility and cross section will disappear, the curls will become voluminous and shining.

Refined oil can be applied to the roots, but the effect of its use is not so noticeable. If desired, you can use shampoos and balms based on it.

Facial care

Coconut oil can be part of the readymasks and creams, and is often used as an independent product. They need to lubricate the skin twice a week. Regular application will allow to get rid of acne, black spots and various rashes. The skin will become soft and tender, the peeling spots completely disappear.

If you apply oil on the body before sunbath, the skin will acquire a stunning color - chocolate.

Using coconut oil (cold pressing) during the massage, you can easily warm up the skin and improve blood circulation.

unrefined coconut oil of cold pressing

Application in medicine

It is difficult to call an independent medicine coconut oil, but it is widely used as a component due to astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is proved that oil helps with:

- Jaundice;

- migraine;

- an ulcer and other wounds;

- Diabetes;

- hemorrhoids;

- thrush;

- epilepsy and nervous disorders;

- bleeding;

- skin rashes and allergies.

Before application it is necessary to consultwith a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe an adequate dose and give recommendations that need to be adhered to. It is impossible to engage in self-medication, this can cause serious damage to health.

How to use oil in cooking?

The product purchased at the grocery store hasslightly different properties. It gives the usual dishes an exquisite, piquant taste. It is better to buy coconut oil of cold pressing only in proven outlets. The price of it is quite affordable. It can be used in place of the usual vegetable oil.

When heat treated, the product does not emitcarcinogens, so it can be eaten by people who follow a diet. Sweet dishes and pastries are especially delicious if you cook them with coconut oil. You can also add it to hot coffee, tea, chocolate or milk.

Helpful information

Buying coconut oil (cold pressed),it is necessary to check that the package is marked that it is made entirely of natural ingredients. Unrefined product is more useful, but it can clog pores, so do not put it on the scalp.

coconut oil cold-pressed reviews

Those people who at least once triedcoconut oil of cold pressed, the reviews leave extremely positive and appreciate its usefulness and unique characteristics. They note that the product has a beneficial effect on the entire body and improves the appearance. In addition, people who often use oil, assure that contraindications and side effects are minimized. According to their observation, the result is noticeable after a week of regular admission.