Lavender honey: useful properties and contraindications

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If someone was lucky enough to see the bloominglavender fields, then it is impossible to forget. The endless lilac expanses and will float up in memory. Lavender honey is another pleasant memory in the piggy bank of the most wonderful moments.

Honey from the flowers of lavender

Approximately from the middle of spring and until the end of summeron the boundless lilac expanses, bees are scurrying everywhere, collecting fragrant nectar from flowers. Lavender honey is one of the best varieties. This characteristic is due, first of all, to its organoleptic qualities. Thus, nectar has a delicate consistency, harmonious taste and healing properties.

lavender honey

Like the plant itself, the sweet product is useful for the human body - it treats diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, and also promotes effective healing of wounds.

Description of the plant

For the preparation of honey, such varieties are usedplants, like broad-leaved and narrow-leaved lavender, as well as lavander (a hybrid of the above varieties). They grow the plant in southern France and England, Australia and Italy, as well as North America and Yugoslavia. Therefore, when buying lavender honey in stores, you should pay attention to the country of origin.

Lavender grows in small bushes with leavessilver color. Her flowers are gently purple, maybe not as beautiful as roses or chrysanthemums, but the smell that exudes lavender fields can make your head spin.

lavender honey

This plant receives an essential oil that has amazing properties and, of course, honey - an incredibly valuable and tasty product.

Useful properties of lavender

Even in ancient times, lavender was used inas a universal remedy. For example, in Arab medicine, the plant was used as an expectorant and an anesthetic. In European countries, lavender flowers were used for the early healing of wounds. Currently, all the medicinal properties of this plant are proven from a medical point of view.

Flowers have a diuretic, anticonvulsant andsoothing effect. It is no coincidence that this plant is added to various creams and oils, which it is desirable to use before going to bed. In addition, lavender is an excellent antiseptic, so it is widely used for the healing of various wounds and burns.

lavender honey useful properties and contraindications

Lavender honey: useful properties

Freshly picked honey from lavender flowers is similar togold. Moreover, in terms of its valuable qualities, the product is not inferior to the noble metal. Sparkling color combined with a unique aroma make lavender honey the most recognizable among similar products. Even with a closed container, you can not not feel the unique aroma of lavender fields. The product crystallizes not soon, but in the process itself it turns from a viscous and liquid state into a thick cream of white color. In fact, lavender white honey is not a kind of delicacy, but its condition.

All medicinal properties of the plant honey carefully absorbedin itself. The product, in addition to having a therapeutic and soothing effect, is incredibly tasty and aromatic. Honey from lavender flowers helps heal wounds, calms the nervous system, helps reduce pain, and also effectively fights bacteria and microorganisms.

lavender honey of white color

Scope of the product

Lavender honey is used not only as apreventive and therapeutic means. Has found the application he honey and in cosmetology. So, for example, masks on its basis allow to make the skin incredibly velvety. The product can be used for both the face and the whole body. Lavender honey is an excellent antiseptic, therefore cosmetic procedures on its basis allow to remove irritation and reduce inflammatory processes on the skin. Honey lotion is an effective remedy against acne.

Is lavender honey good? Useful properties and contraindications

The product photo eloquently testifies that,how sparkling and golden it can be. In fact, the delicacy is not distinguished by a negative impact on the human body. An exception can be only one - individual intolerance of honey products or an allergic reaction.

lavender honey useful properties and contraindications

Some specialists in the field of medicine do notrecommend using lavender honey and other products from this plant in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as after the abortions. This is due to the fact that the plant can cause a contraction of the uterus and, consequently, bleeding. In addition, lavender products should be consumed in moderation - the reverse may lead to depression and a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

Healing properties of lavender specifically for the beautiful half of humanity

Mountain flower, which sang Sofia Rotaru,is useful for women. In addition to the broadest application for cosmetic purposes, lavender is widely used to improve the condition of the female body. What are the qualities of lavender honey? Useful properties and contraindications are actual information, which must be read before starting to systematically use the product.

lavender honey useful properties and contraindications

Lavender is used to create uniquearomas, aromatic soaps and candles, as well as to create room air fresheners. By the way, if you put a few twigs of lavender in the room, there will remain for a long time an incredibly fresh and pleasant aroma that you can feel only the boundless lilac spaces.

Lavender honey in moderate amounts allows:

  • stabilize the menstrual cycle;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • To reduce painful sensations and to stop the inflammatory process in the body;
  • restore strength and improve general health.

It is a natural product created by nature itself. Useful properties make it possible to use it as a natural medicinal and cosmetic preparation. Lavender honey is a unique dietary product that is suitable for daily use in moderation. In addition, the natural product has a general beneficial effect on the human body.