Secrets of health and longevity. Mushroom chaga: how to brew it right?

Food and drink

As a rule, a person himself, on his ownignorance, stupidity or imprudence harms one's health. And when doctors after a long and complicated treatment get their hands up, he rushes to Mother Nature, trying to find help in solving the problem. And usually is not mistaken: the useful properties of plants and natural substances put him on his feet. So a panacea for a lot of terrible diseases is considered in folk medicine mushroom chaga.

Is it a parasite?

chaga how to brew
Chaga has several names. He and the birch fungus, and the parasite fungus, and the "king of health." In each there is a weighty share of truth. Indeed, being a kind of parasite, it grows on trees, feeding on their juices, mineral salts and all useful elements. But it is thanks to this "way of life" that the chaga is recognized as unique in its curative quality by the plant. And therefore spongy mushroom, harmful to birches, beech, alder, is remarkably useful for humans. And it is the birch forest that is most valuable. It is widely distributed in Siberia, Japan, China, and some countries of Asia. Siberian indigenous peoples since the 16th century (when the mushroom was discovered) drink tea from chaga and infusions. In those areas where he entered the national cuisine, virtually no cancer and GI disease. Life expectancy exceeds the standards of other regions of Russia and Europe for decades.
chaga cooking
The immune system thanks to chaga stabilizes andworks properly, as a well-established clockwork. A wonderful antioxidant, it tones up the body, removes old toxins and prevents the formation of new ones. Works at the DNA level. Plus supplies us with a huge number of amino acids, micro- and macro elements from the Mendeleev table, vitamins. Another mushroom chaga, the preparation of which we will analyze below, protects the liver, lungs, calms the central nervous system and generally heals all organs. As a matter of fact, it is a natural, natural dietary supplement, a powerful biostimulator, acting at the most subtle level and supporting all vital processes.

Brewing and drinking culture

Chaga tea
So, chaga (how to brew - see below) -natural power. Drink it in a cold and hot form, sweetening with honey. There are a number of rules for preparing a drink in order to maximize the preservation of all medicinal qualities. By the way, there is no caffeine in the plant, because it can also be used by people who can not drink regular tea or coffee. If you have a mushroom in the form of a single piece, it is desirable to grind it - so you will get a greater yield of useful substances. Skip the chaga (how to brew correctly - read carefully!) Through the meat grinder into powder, then let it dry well. Then place it in a sealed container and use as needed. Fall asleep by "brewing" into the water, pay attention to the temperature of the liquid. It should not exceed +55 degrees. Otherwise, polysaccharides, melanin, other useful elements will be destroyed by the action of boiling water. By the form and taste of the chaga, when it is brewed, it resembles tea with a slight vanilla smell. 2 teaspoons of powder are taken on the glass. The drink is infused in a kettle or coffee pot for 15 minutes. Then it is filtered. And drink with pleasure. By the way, here is more than a good chaga. How to brew it is already clear, but very few people know that the rejected "waste" does not waste at all! They can be used in the same way 2-5 times! Simply if the drink seems light, pour another spoon. And if for some time the chaga is not available? How to brew a drink so that it retains all the necessary properties, say, days 5 or a week? In principle, according to the same scheme. Just keep the drink in the fridge, drink 1-3 cups a day.

Tincture from Chaga

In folk medicine, the recipe for a remarkabletincture or balsam based on chaga. Namely: the powder detached from the tea (used once) is collected, dried and poured into vodka. For 2 weeks, hide the bottle in a dark place. Then strain the tincture and add to regular tea 1 teaspoonful.

Health to you and longevity!