Crispy coconut biscuits

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Crispy coconut biscuits, fragrant and invitingon a mug of tea or coffee, what can be more appetizing? And if, in addition, and cook it is not very long, then this delicacy is simply not the price. We offer you two cookie recipes. In the first version, you can use a whole coconut, the second is a way to make cookies with coconut shavings, but from this the cookies will not become less tasty, honestly.

Let's start cooking. For the first recipe, we need a whole coconut, we will peel it and peel it on a grater like a carrot (how to do it you can spy on the Internet). To not lose with the nut, choosing it in the store, carefully listen to how it sounds. If you shake a ripe coconut near the ear, you can hear the splashing of milk inside. And still the coconut should not have cracks, it should not have spots, and its eyes should be firm.

So, coconut biscuits, recipe number 1.

Ingredients: a glass of sugar, butter 1 packet, a glass of coconut shavings of fresh coconut, milk about 50 ml, a pair of glasses of flour. Mix the soft oil, shavings, milk, sugar, add flour and mix it all in the dough. On the flour-poured table we roll the dough into a very thin sheet, approximately 2-3 millimeters thick, not all at once, but in parts. Now cut the leaf into rhombuses and put it on a baking sheet, previously sprinkling it with flour. Bake coconut biscuits until ready for 15-17 minutes. The temperature of the oven is set no more than 180 degrees. When the diamonds turn golden, you can take them out of the oven, remove them from the baking tray and put them to cool. Crispy coconut biscuits are ready for use.

And for those who do not have fresh coconuts, but there is dried coconut shaving - the second option. Cooking coconut biscuits, recipe number 2.

In this version, we will need cardamom,thanks to him, the cookies get a refined taste. Many of those who tried this cookie called it "the most delicious cookie in the world". But let's not run ahead, as they say, every vegetable has its own time, does not it?

In order to cook the most delicious in the worldcookies, you will need: coconut chips - 100 grams, cardamom - a teaspoon, 250 grams of flour, egg, 170 grams of sugar, half a teaspoon of soda, sugar powder, 50 grams, three quarters of a pack of butter. According to this recipe, you will get about 25 pieces of liver. So, you can immediately estimate how much you need and how many times you need to increase the number of all the ingredients to get the right amount of cookies at the output.

Let's go, we start the process. Beat soft butter with egg and sugar in a mixer. We transfer it to a bowl. To the resulting mass, add cardamom, coconut chips, soda vinegar, which is extinguished. Then add the flour and evenly mix the contents of the bowl. The dough should be sticky. If you are tempted to pour more flour, try not to succumb. All right, do not worry. If you add more flour, the cookie will not be crumbly.

Now with the spoon we type the dough, and we make from itballs with walnut size. We slam them from above and rearrange them on a baking tray. Since the dough is already very fat, the pan can not be lubricated. Between the future cookies must leave a place, they should not be too close to each other, and then glued together. When all the dough we used, it's time to put the pan in the oven. I hope you did not forget to include the fire in the oven, and the temperature inside it is already close to 180-190 degrees. Baked cookies about 20 minutes, when it comes and blushes, you can take it out. Coconut biscuits with the addition of cardamom is ready, it remains to sprinkle it with sugar powder, make tea and invite guests to the house. Delicious tea drinking and rapture about the culinary talents of the hostess of the house from the side of those present are guaranteed for 100%.