Coconut oil for eating. Natural edible oil

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If a person wants to be healthy, he not onlyshould exclude from his diet harmful dishes, but also enrich the food with the help of so-called superfoods. One of the most balanced food components is considered to be coconut oil for eating. Today it will be discussed.

Coconut oil for eating

A unique combination of fatty acids

Daily using the required amountfruits and vegetables, meat and milk, greens and seafood, a person nevertheless can not do without fats. Fatty acids have a huge impact on human health. Scientists have proved that the combination of vegetable saturated coconut oil fat has a positive effect on the processes occurring in the body. This can not be said about saturated fats of animal origin.

Having received the first confirmation of their assumptions,scientists began to study in-depth the natural coconut oil and revealed a number of striking moments. It turns out that people who eat this product are the least susceptible to various diseases. In other words, they can be considered the healthiest people on the planet.

Coconut oil of cold pressing

What diseases can I forget?

Naturally, in the middle of Russiacoconut cold pressed oil can surprise the mass consumer. Here, people are just getting acquainted with this product, therefore, first of all, African tribes were studied, where coconut oil is absorbed daily. In some tribes, coconuts and their derivatives are almost the only available type of nutrition and saturate the body of Aborigines by more than 60% of the daily diet. In such tribes people do not know about the problems of the heart and blood vessels. Hence it can be concluded that coconut oil for food does not have a negative impact on the general state of a person, even if consumed in huge quantities.

Saturated fats contained in coconut oil,metabolized in the body, getting from the stomach straight to the liver. And already in the liver these substances form ketone bodies, which have a positive effect on the nervous system, in particular, on the brain.

Coconut oil for food: a positive effect for obesity

Yes, yes, paradoxically, but exactly"Right" fat can help lose weight. After all, nutritionists have long proved that it is not the quantity of calories that is important, but the source of their receipt. Thus, triglycerides contained in coconut oil, in the process of metabolism, significantly increase energy consumption, which, accordingly, leads to weight loss. If the complex approach to solving the problem, it is possible to achieve good results in burning extra pounds.

Dulls the feeling of hunger

How many of us dream of not experiencingacute hunger, especially when they try to limit themselves in eating. Now all sufferers have a panacea. It turns out that coconut cold pressed oil can easily dull the feeling of hunger, and, in addition, to stock up such an important energy. Scientists have proven that ketone bodies reduce appetite, having conducted an interesting experiment for this purpose, where men participated. Slight consumption of the product in the morning led to the fact that, compared with the normal diet, each man on average absorbed a day for 250 calories less.

Oils for food

What is the function of lauric acid?

We get acquainted with the amazing and uniquea product called coconut oil. How to apply the product will tell a little later, but for now on the example of some fatty acids we consider all its positive properties. Lauric acid accounts for more than half of the total product. When the substance is split by enzymes in the process of metabolism, the acid turns into monolaurin, capable of effectively resisting various viral bacteria and fungi. Thus, food oils can prevent the emergence of infectious diseases of different origin and act as a preventive agent.

Spin technology

At the spin is not coconut pulp, and copra -interlayer between the flesh and the shell. At the initial stage, the nut is cleaned, the copra is separated from the pulp, dried and ground. Then the crushed coconut copra is compressed in two ways:

  • hot pressing method;
  • sparing cold pressing.

When cold spinning, the output is muchless finished product, however, this oil preserves the most valuable substances contained in coconut. That is why coconut oil, developed by the technology of cold pressing, is much more expensive than its analog, extracted by traditional, hot way. Interestingly, when hot pressing from 1 kg of copra comes an average of 300 ml of the finished product.

Natural coconut oil

Types of Coconut Oil

Like all the plants produced on the planetthe product of co-extrusion of copra is subdivided into refined coconut oil and unrefined (uncleaned). For refining, the oil is cleaned using high pressure. Refined refined oil is apparently transparent and devoid of a pleasant tart tropical flavor. But crude oil has a characteristic smell and milky-white or yellowish tint. Interestingly, at temperatures below 25 degrees, coconut oil can harden and turn into a kind of granular mass.

How to store the product?

Having bought coconut oil for food, do not worry about the way it is stored. This product almost does not deteriorate. A high content of saturated acids almost completely impedes the oxidation process.

Refined coconut oil

Areas of use

  1. In cosmetology for the enrichment of creams, masks, balms, lotions and other cosmetics.
  2. In the production of margarines.
  3. As a component of suppositories and medicinal ointments.
  4. In the confectionery industry.
  5. As an alternative fuel in some countries.

Eating in Cooking

Oils made from coconut in Asian cuisine are oftenThey are used as a filling for salads from fresh vegetables - this is the main application of the product. However, cooks in Southeast Asia before they read the presented oil, which is ready to give them everything in the world: from meat and seafood, to traditional rice and spicy vegetables.

Do not be afraid to fry on coconut oil, because, aswe remember that its composition is practically not oxidized, which means that all valuable and nutrients will be preserved even during heat treatment. Ideally, despite the high price, to maintain your own health, you can abandon our traditional vegetable oils that contain high cholesterol. Replacing sunflower or olive oil with coconut, we get absolutely harmless fried food.

Culinary specialists prepare cottage cheese casserole, cheese cakes,sweet desserts, pancakes with fruit fillers, adding coconut oil to the dish. Recipes of cooks also recommend using the presented product as a supplement to cereals, milk soups, various cocktails, for baby food, and also as an additive to cocoa and coffee. Coconut oil can be replaced with the usual option, going to freshly prepared toast.

Coconut oil recipes

For disease prevention

To strengthen immunity and improvethe resistance of the body to various viral infections, coconut oil begins to take one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed. Gradually, a single dose is brought to two tablespoons.

Recipe for coconut muffins

And in conclusion we offer you a recipe for a delicious dessert with coconut oil and vanilla extract. To prepare the dish you will need the following ingredients:

  • flour - 0.5 cup;
  • coconut shaving - 3/4 cup;
  • Greek yogurt (warm) - 250 g;
  • sugar - a third of the glass;
  • coconut oil - 120 g;
  • egg chicken fresh - 1 piece;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon;
  • salt -1/4 teaspoons;
  • baking powder - 1 tablespoon.

Take the saucepan, melt the coconut oil andlightly heat it up. In one vessel we mix flour, half a portion of coconut chips, salt and baking powder, and in the other we'll break the egg, sugar, heated coconut oil, vanilla and Greek yogurt. Then we will connect both mixtures. We spread the dough into molds for baking muffins, before sprinkling them with oil. We decorate the top with coconut shavings and send it to a preheated oven for 180 minutes for 20 minutes.

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