How to brew coffee in a Turk is a whole science that we will start to comprehend

Food and drink

Probably, each of us was drinking coffee, whichbrew in a Turk. Many people know how to cook it. Each of the fans of this drink for years fulfills its own, personal and unique cooking technique. As a result, there are a large number of recipes, some of them may vary greatly from one another. But some principles must be observed in any case, and we will now tell you how to brew coffee in a Turkish.

General requirements

how to brew coffee in a turkey
First, the grains should be ground almost indust, that is very finely. Secondly, the water does not fit either from the tap, neither hot nor boiled. Suitable only tap water filtered or well. And thirdly, the Turk must be copper, and a teaspoon of silver. Having fulfilled these conditions, you can also learn how to brew coffee properly in a Turk.

The first stage of preparation of coffee

First you need to warm up on a low heatour dishes, and then pour in powder. Its amount is determined very easily - one teaspoon per small cup. Would you like a stronger drink? Take the powder a little more. To enhance the flavor, some throw a pinch of salt into the container.

correctly brew coffee in turkey
At the next stage, we heat it on fire again,not adding water. Now you can add sugar and favorite spices. Studying how to brew coffee in a Turkish, you need to know that you can not mix more than three kinds of spices at one time. After all, they should be just an addition to taste, and not serve as its basis. What can be added? For example, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, honey or cloves. In principle, this is all solely a matter of your taste.

We continue to make coffee

At the next step, we mix all the components,send the Turk to a small fire and, finally, pour cold water. It is even desirable that the water be icy. Gently stir everything and put again on the fire. If you want to become an expert on how to make coffee in a Turkish coffee, please note that the water in the tank should be at the level of its bottleneck. Why? In this case, the contact of air and drink will be small, as a result of which its aroma and wonderful taste will be preserved as much as possible.

how to make coffee in turkey
We remember that the fire on which our coffee is prepared,should be small. The process does not need to be accelerated. So, while the drink is heated, warm up the cups. For this we pour boiling water into them. When studying how to make coffee in a Turkish, know that a cold cup will completely destroy all the flavor and taste of the drink, even if it is the best powder. Wait until the coffee warms up, and stir it again. As a result, a light dense foam will appear, which we take off and spread in cups in the same proportion. Naturally, do not forget to pour water out of them. Repeat this procedure several times, since after stirring each time a small amount of foam rises.

The final stage of how to make coffee in a Turkish

a cup of delicious coffee
Sooner or later there will come a time when coffeewill warm up to such an extent that it will rise in the Turks. This point is important not to miss, because you need to remove it from the fire until it is full of boiling and do not allow to pour out of the tank. Here comes the most crucial moment of how to brew coffee in a Turkish. For a few seconds we let the drink cool down until the foam settles down, and again - on the fire until the moment of boiling. Repeat the procedure two or three more times. From this, the flavor and taste of the drink will only be better, more pronounced. In the end, we pour it on cups and serve it on the table, it is possible together with cold water.

Bon Appetit!