The recipe for cooking kvass without yeast with bread

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Upon arrival of heat, soft drinksare becoming more popular. Of course, today their choice is simply huge, but kvass, despite its long history, is not inferior to modern kola and pepsi. Many people prefer to cook it at home. In this article you will learn how to make kvas without yeast. The recipe for cooking it is slightly different from usual, but it can be mastered by anyone.

recipe for cooking kvass without yeast


Kvass is a truly Russian drink. Historians argue that it began to be prepared before our era in the 6th century. However, then he was not quite like a modern and so hotly loved drink. It can be absolutely anything: sweet, mint, sour and raisin, etc.

An ancient recipe for cooking kvass without yeast

We take a 3 liter jar and fill it 1/3the most common pre-washed oats. There, pour sugar (5 tbsp.) And add 5 raisins. Fill all this with boiled water and leave for 2 days. Next time kvass can be cooked on the same leaven. On average, it lasts for a month.

The second recipe for cooking kvass without yeast

In order to make homemade kvass, the firstit is necessary to prepare a leaven. First, you should brew rye flour (several table spoons) in a glass of boiling water. Here, too, put a couple of raisins, cover it all and put it in warmth. In a couple of days a good leaven will be ready. To it it will be necessary to add 6-9 spoonfuls of sugar and heavily roasted breadcrumbs of black bread - this will give the drink a dark color. All must be transferred to a three-liter jar and top up with water. To drink completely was ready, it will take 5 days to insist. Then it must be filtered, bottled and cooled.

The third recipe for making white kvass

In order to make a village kvass, you needmix to a consistency of sour cream water and crushed rye flour. In general, the mixture should be about half a liter. We add there 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar. By the way, it will be better to replace it with honey. To ferment faster, you can throw a couple of white raisins, but after they should be pulled out. Kwas in a few days already you can drink.

The fourth recipe for cooking kvass without yeast

By the way, to make it, you can takeWhite bread. It should be cut into the same pieces (the thickness should be approximately 2 cm), and then put them on a baking tray and make biscuits. Put 2-4 slices of dried bread in a three-liter jar, add sugar (5 tablespoons), warm water and cover. Kvass in a week will be completely ready, you just need to strain it and cool it.

homemade bread kvass without yeast

The fifth recipe for cooking kvass without yeast

The three-liter jar will need sugar (5 tbsp.) and about the same leaven. In the saucepan you need to brew the grass, cool it and add it to the jar. Then caramelize 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar and attach to the billet of kvass to give it a darker color. Fry rye rusks and put them in a jar along with a spoonful of lemon juice. After 24 hours, kvass will be ready.

Homemade bread kvass without yeast is a tasty and healthy drink. So do not be lazy to cook it yourself.