Unusual umbrella mushrooms: cooking recipes

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Today, few people collect umbrella mushrooms, sinceconfuse them with fly agarics. But this mushroom is quite edible, unlike the taste for others, it belongs to the family of champignon. Mushrooms umbrellas, the recipes of which we will consider below, to taste like chicken. If the fruit has an unopened hat, it is recommended to fry it in the usual way, it is better to cook huge specimens whole.

mushrooms umbrellas cooking recipes

Secrets of cooking

The umbrella hat in raw form is fragile enough,but with heat treatment it becomes stiffer, the mushroom itself acquires a flat shape, its plates are folded, but from this it does not lose its tender taste. The ready dish is consumed both hot and cold, it resembles a chicken to its taste qualities, and some claim it looks like a carp fillet. Prepare umbrellas quickly enough, so do not need to subject them to prolonged heat treatment. Some people eat them raw. It is best to choose umbrella mushrooms, recipes of which are diverse, dense with white plates with a pink tinge. Be sure to check the umbrellas for worms before cooking, they throw out such products, because they will become bitter from them. Mushrooms, which have not opened their hats, can be put in the cold, where they will grow in size. Broken pieces of hats can be boiled or dried, legs are thrown out immediately, since they are not tasty.

Fried mushrooms in batter


- 1 huge mushroom cap or 5 smaller;

- 1 egg;

- a small amount of water;

- 4 tablespoons flour;

- salt and seasonings.

mushrooms umbrellas how to cook


The leg of this fungus is not used for food,therefore the umbrella hat is prepared in batter. Hats are cleaned from debris and dirt, rubbing with a sponge. To wash umbrellas is not necessary, as they are very fragile. They are cut into pieces. In the container knead the egg with a fork, add seasonings to taste and salt. Then pour in water in the same amount as the egg mixture, add flour and mix well. Mushrooms neatly dipped in a batter with a fork or spatula and spread on a well-heated frying pan with vegetable oil. The dish is covered with a lid and fried for five minutes on each side. Ready-made umbrella mushroom, the description of which is given above, is laid out on a beautiful dish. It produces a magnificent gentle taste with notes of deciduous-coniferous forest.

Mushroom powder

Such a powder can be supplemented with various dishes inquality of seasoning. From this, the food will turn out with a fine mushroom taste and aroma. Store in the form of powder umbrella mushrooms (how to cook them, will be described below) in a dry place without foreign odors. To do this, pieces of mushroom hats are dried in cardboard boxes. When the product is dried, it is grinded into powder with a coffee grinder, meat grinder or mortar.

mushroom umbrella description

Mushrooms with onions


- 5 hats of umbrellas;

- 2 potatoes;

- 1 onion;

- 50 grams of butter.


This recipe is very deliciousumbrella mushrooms. How to prepare them, will be described further. First, the hats are cleaned and laid out in a frying pan, they are allowed under the closed lid. After evaporation of the liquid precipitated from the products, add creamy butter and cut onions. All this is a little fried. Then put the potatoes cut into strips and continue to fry, adding salt and spices at your discretion. Usually put the seeds of dill and cilantro. The prepared dish is served hot.

umbrella edible

Marinated for the winter mushrooms


- 2 kilograms of umbrellas;

- 800 grams of water;

- 1 table spoon of salt;

- 1 teaspoon of lemon citric acid;

- 3 table spoons of granulated sugar;

- 1 table spoon of vinegar;

- for 6 peas of black pepper and fragrant;

- 5 bay leaves;

- 1 spoon of grains of dill.


Such umbrella mushrooms, cooking recipeswhich are very simple, are harvested for the winter, they can be stored in the cold for one year. Hats are cleaned and disassembled, placed in a saucepan, salt is added and cooked until they fall on the bottom of the container. The foam is removed and the mushrooms are stirred intermittently. Umbrellas are thrown into a colander to water the glass. Next, prepare the marinade. For this, salt, sugar and citric acid are added to the water and boiled. Then put vinegar and seasonings and boil again. Mushroom umbrellas, cooking recipes are varied, laid out in advance prepared banks and poured hot brine, cover with lids and put sterilized for about forty minutes. After that, the banks are rolled up and cooled, cleaned in the cold for storage. After one month, the dish can be served to the table.

hat of umbrella in batter

Frozen mushrooms

Since the fungus-umbrella edible, it is often frozen. For this, the hats are boiled, thrown back to the colander, so that all the water of the glass. Then they are laid out on a tray and put in a freezer. After a while, the mushrooms are transferred to a food container, tightly closed and put on for freezing. Use the product is recommended for one year.

Thus, the recipes for cooking delicious andgentle mushroom umbrellas there are many. Some are afraid to use them, confusing these mushrooms with grebe and fly agarics. But those who have tried them at least once, will certainly prepare umbrellas in the future. This fungus resembles an umbrella in appearance, it grows to large sizes. Sometimes you can meet a specimen up to forty centimeters high. In the forests, these mushrooms are thin, mottled, with a reddish or pink tinge, so it is difficult to confuse them with fly agarics. This product is well suited for making soups and second courses, salads and sandwiches. Gourmets cook it on a barbecue or on the oven grill. Serve it with herbs, garlic and pepper.