How to make a tincture of dandelions on vodka

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The harbingers of the summer were always dandelions. These bright sun flowers in many mistakenly cause associations with weeds. However, it is not. The leaves and stems of this plant contain a lot of useful substances. Medicinal dandelion is rich in vitamins A, B, C, F, as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium and many other useful microelements.

dandelion tincture on vodka
In addition, it contains organicacids, triterpenes, flavonoids, stearins, luteins, wax, choline, glucosides, asparagine, inulin, arnidol and other useful substances. In itself, the juice from this plant is bitter and thick. Therefore, tincture is made of dandelions on vodka.

A wide variety of useful components of thisThe flower is very suitable for treating various kinds of diseases. Recipes of folk medicine have been preserved and preserved since a long time ago. As, for example, a tincture of dandelion flowers on vodka, with the help of which people were treated for skin diseases, joints, eye diseases and so on. Prepared medicine was made by compresses, rubbing into sore spots. It is known that tincture of dandelions on vodka very well helps with colds. Many folk healers and herbalists include this plant as a part of medicinal fees for treating insomnia.

tincture of dandelion flowers on vodka

Dandelion root is used for makingmedicines that improve digestion, metabolism, and also cleanse the gallbladder and liver. It makes a healing powder, a decoction and, of course, a tincture of dandelions on vodka. But it is worth noting that it is recommended to use environmentally friendly plants as raw materials. Therefore, the collection of dandelions near industrial plants and highways is not recommended.

Mostly tincture of dandelions on vodka fromall sorts of ailments are made from the roots or flowers of the plant. For the first variant, take fifty grams of the crushed dry root of the plant and fill 0.5 liters of vodka. Let's brew in a cool dark place for two weeks. Ready-made vodka from dandelions is taken at thirty drops three times a day before eating. This remedy improves digestion and metabolism.

vodka on dandelions

Also tincture of dandelions on vodka is donefrom the flowers of this plant. They need to be thoroughly rinsed, dried, and then densely folded into a glass jar. The volume of the can should be approximately three quarters full. Further the flowers are poured with vodka and left to be infused in the refrigerator for three weeks. After the tincture is filtered and taken as a rubbing for pain in the joints, sprains and so on.

Vodka on dandelions can be used in pureform as a spirit. It is very easy to cook it. We take clean leaves, cut them and fill them with vodka. You can add a little sugar. The resulting mixture is poured into a jar with a tightly closed lid and leave to infuse for three weeks in a cool dark place. After this time, tincture is filtered and closed in a bottle. Done!