How much alcohol is eroded. Facts and Fictions

Food and drink

How much alcohol is weathered, it's hard to say. In Russia, unlike other countries in the world, it is not forbidden, as, for example, among Muslims. In fact, contrary to the forecasts of doctors, moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks does not lead to various serious consequences for the body. Famous for their long life, Caucasian inhabitants drink red wine daily, without causing damage to their health, and they are not concerned with the question of how much alcohol is eroded, as they consume it in scanty doses. However, this product, like everything else in a person's life, should be in moderation. The only thing that you can not drink alcoholic beverages categorically for children, as well as pregnant and lactating women, drivers who are going to drive a car. People who do not have contraindications and health problems, a small amount of good alcohol will not do harm.

It often happens that you need to quicklysober up, for example, with an urgent trip, when you need to get behind the wheel, or poisoning. Many people are interested in how much alcohol is lost from the body. This moment depends on a variety of aggregate factors, such as weight, amount of drink, strength of drinks, the state of human health and so on. For example, the more alcohol a person drinks, the longer it will be eliminated from the body.

After what time is alcohol removed from the body, how

From our body, it can be inferred in only two ways, namely:

  • Through the skin and lungs;
  • Through the kidneys.

These methods show the minimum amountdrunk alcohol, most of it settles in the liver, decomposes, the process of processing residues and its toxic compounds in the liver takes a long time. Naturally, the speed with which it is excreted from the body depends on health, the liver of a completely healthy man, for example, weighing eighty kilograms, for one hour of work displays up to fifteen hundredths of an mil of alcohol. Increase the speed of alcohol processing can not, but you can increase the rate of its removal through other organs.

How much alcohol is lost through other organs

To alcohol as soon as possible left yourorganism, it is necessary to drink more liquid, best of all clean drinking water, and also to walk in clean air, preferably away from the trails, ideally - in nature. It is also very useful to drink a small amount of hot sweetened tea, since it contains caffeine, which helps well against alcohol. After drinking a few cups of sweet tea, you will often feel the urge to go to the toilet in a small way, but it should be so, because tea is a strong diuretic, however, do not overdo it, it also raises blood pressure. And if you combine tea and coffee, you can even cause a heart attack.

Folk methods and preparations

Neither national methods, nor specialdrugs can not be withdrawn from the body. The only thing you can do with them is to get rid of at least part of the hangover syndrome. Fragrances contained in preparations, for example, "Antipolitic", just interrupt the smell. And drugs, in order to quickly and qualitatively withdraw it from the body, simply does not exist, and any blood test will show it. Even special medical methods do not actually excrete alcohol, but only support the work of internal organs, including the liver. There is a known method by which you can sober up - using activated carbon, but even it does not purify the body, because the molecules of alcohol are so small that the sorbent simply can not capture them. The only thing that can help is the most common vomiting. It will help to clear the stomach of alcohol that has not yet entered into the blood, and due to this you will quickly come back to normal. If you do not want to resort to various methods of cleansing the body and think about how much alcohol is produced - just do not use it.