Which is better to serve a pilaf salad?

Food and drink

Plov is a dish that is consideredpractically all the peoples of the East. It is prepared on the basis of rice with the addition of meat or fish. As a result, a high-calorie and rather fatty mixture of products is obtained. Perhaps, therefore, it is usually necessary to serve a pilaf with pilau. However, each country has its own ideas about this mandatory supplement. For example, you can consider several of the most popular options.

As easy as pie

Judging by the fact that pilaf is quite heavydish, together with it it is better to use a lighter product. Ideal option for this case are vegetables (tomato, cucumber or radish). They have a unique ability to soften the fat content of the dish and help to make it better absorbed by the body. To understand what is better for pilaf salad, you must first of all be guided by your own taste. In addition, it must be remembered that this product can be of two types:

  1. Complex (includes several components);
  2. Simple (consists of one ingredient).

to lettuce salad

Both options are interesting and worthy of attention. Many housewives try to choose the second option and make a salad for pilau, for example, from tomatoes. True, it is more like a vegetable assortment, in which there is only one product. It can simply be cut into large pieces on a separate dish or put a few lobules directly on a serving plate. In any case, it is necessary to serve salad with pilau. It can even be ordinary large or small cherry tomatoes.

The effective addition

Everyone, of course, has his own eating habits. But, according to many, the most original salad to pilaf is "in Margilan". And it is also great for shish kebab.

lettuce to pilaf

It is not difficult to make such a dish. It is necessary only to have in sufficient quantity the following ingredients: radish, onion, cabbage, ground red pepper and lemon.

The combination, of course, is not quite normal, but anythe hostess should be pleased with the fact that these products can always be found in the store. They do not belong to the category of rare or exotic. To prepare such salad it is necessary as follows:

  1. It all begins with the processing of components. All products must be washed and then chopped. Radish and cabbage should be finely chopped, and cut the onions into half rings.
  2. The next stage is the preparation of products. He only touches the bow. Semirings must first be watered, and then sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. This will help get rid of unnecessary bitterness.
  3. The last step is the assembly. All the ingredients must be collected in one plate, salt them, stir and pour slightly on top with pepper.

Salad can be folded into one bowl or put it separately for each guest.

Holiday of freshness

Most housewives, after all, prefer to dotomato salad. To pilau, in their opinion, it fits most. This is absolutely correct and justified decision. After all, juicy tomatoes with light sourness perfectly set off the taste of fatty stew. And in order to somehow diversify the extra dish, several different vegetables are used for its preparation. This mixture is sometimes called a salad "Summer".

tomato salad to pilaf

For its preparation it is usually required: for 3 cucumbers - 0.5 kg of tomatoes, salt, 2 heads of onions or a bunch of green onions, as well as a little pepper.

You can make this dish very quickly. For this you need:

  1. Peeled onions cut into rings or semirings. If you use feathers, then you just have to crumble them.
  2. Cucumbers and tomatoes cut into large lobules.
  3. Stir foods, and then add a little salt and pepper to taste.

The peculiarity of this vegetable salad is that absolutely no refueling is required for it.

National traditions

There are products that are usually associated withthis or that country. For Belarus it is potatoes, in Italy - pasta, and for Uzbekistan - pilaf. There he is able to cook especially tasty. But for the correct submission, an additional dish is required. Uzbeks, as a rule, make their favorite salad to pilaf - "Achik-chuchuk."

lettuce to plov

For its preparation, the following ingredients are needed: fresh tomatoes, onion white onion, ground black pepper, greens (basil or parsley) and salt.

The technology of cooking dishes is extremely simple:

  1. First, the onion is cut into thin half-rings. After that, they should be put in a bowl of cold water, adding a few pieces of ice.
  2. Slice the vegetables.
  3. Greens large crumbling or just tearing your hands.
  4. Products are combined in a clean bowl, add pepper and salt.

This salad is known and loved in any Uzbek family. It is necessarily cooked with pilaf on holidays and when the house is waiting for dear guests.