How to create origami "Camomile"


The subject of this material is "Camomile" - origami frommodules. How to create such beauty, we will describe in detail below. Chamomile - simple, but dear to the heart of flowers, sorry, only quickly fade. Therefore, paper chamomile will be an excellent souvenir for friends and relatives on memorable dates or just for a good mood.


origami chamomile
In order for us to have origami"Chamomile", you will need: white paper, yellow (colored on both sides), corrugated paper of green color, glue for paper, a cocktail tube, transparent scotch and scissors. We will use all this in turn. So, we need an origami-daisy made of paper. To get it, you first need to make triangular modules. To do this, take a paper rectangle made of yellow paper with proportions of 6 to 4, its exact size depends on what the size of the flower will be. It must be bent first along, and then bent once more, but already across. Put the resulting figure like a house roof up. Raise the edges to the top and bend in this position in half. It looks like a kind of tent. Turn over and bend the free edges. There remain small free triangles, they are bent too. It turns out in the form of a triangle. The big ones are free to bend back, but they are now with contours curved with triangles, bend them so back. Now fold in half. The modular blank is ready. The formed pocket is needed in order to insert another module into it.


origami daisy from paper
Now the origami produces chamomile. You need to decide how many yellow modules you need. It depends on the desired number of petals in the row. For example, there will be 7 petals. Then proceeding from the calculation that 1 petal is equal to 2 modules, and there will be 3 rows, all of these yellow blanks must be made 42. We take the number of modules we need on a number from this calculation (if there are 7 petals, that means 14 modules in a row). We draw your attention to the fact that the module has a long edge, and there is a short edge. So, the first row we put on the surface necessarily on a short edge. The next row of 14 modules is put on the first, but already putting them on the long edge. Last, third row put on the second, putting it again on the long edge. You need to be careful that everything does not fall apart at this stage, the modules are not yet secured. When the series is assembled, the last module is pulled together into a circle. When all three rows are collected, a yellow, like a sunny, chamomile base is obtained.


chamomile origami from the modules
At the next stage of making origami "Camomile"We start working with white modules. They are done just like yellow ones. How many do they need all? We need one more row over the yellow ones - these are 14 white modules. One petal is created from seven modules, that is, for chamomile with seven petals, there are 49 modules. Hence, for a variant with seven petals, 3 white modules are needed. The 4th row is made, but it is already made of white modules. And now string the petal according to the principle 1 module, and on top 2, and so 5 times. That is, the petal starts from 1 module, 1 and ends. The remaining 6 petals are made exactly the same. We reverse the design, and everything, the flower itself is ready, but he needs to make a leg. A strip of approximately 1 cm thick and 2 leaves is made of green corrugated paper. The beginning of the strip is glued to the cocktail tube and wound spirally to the end, the tip and leaves to the stalk are fixed with adhesive tape. It remains a flower to plant on a stalk - and origami-daisy is ready.