Tips for beginners: how to choose the most suitable html editor

the Internet

Today, the magical expanses of the Internet are filledsites of various subjects. Multicolored, with beautiful pictures, drawings, fonts and texts, they are more and more developed. Surely at least more than half of the "living in the network" tried, if not create, then at least understand how these sites work, how they were created.

First of all, you should know that the basis of all sites is the "hypertext markup language" or, in another way, html. Any document in this language consists ofsmall codes (tags), the aggregate of which constitutes a web page. Manually writing tags is very difficult and boring. In order to facilitate the creation of web pages, there is an editor html. Rather, not one, but there are a lot of them. So you can choose a simple editor html, and there are advanced versions, not for beginners. Such programs are more than a hundred, and it is very difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Of course, you can look at the Internet and see which editor html is the leader of sales or read in blogsknown web designers, which editor they use, but it will not be of much use, since everything depends on personal preferences and the level of complexity of the editor html. So, let's try among a huge amountperfectly designed programs with different functionality and, accordingly, the price, to find a tool suitable for each. This article, we hope, will help you in this difficult choice.

All existing editors html There are two types and are classified as follows: first, these are those that include visual editors working in the WYSIWYG mode. They automatically embed the tag in the composition of the Internet page and, in the end, you get the Internet page that you see in the editor; the second group of editors html only help and automate the writing of codes. Which group is better unknown, there are many disputes and disagreements about this issue. That's why editors were developed html, combining two types. Such editors were created by the largest corporations in the sphere of high technologies, for example, Microsoft created an editor FrontPage, Dreamveawer was created by the company Macromedia, and the corporation Adobe created an editor Gollive. These three editors allow not only visuallyView the display of codes on the site, but also edit the code. However, it should be noted that the professionalism of the creator of the sites consists in not using templates, ready templates and tips.

Simple editor html trains memory, allows newcomers to develop, and professionals retain form and train memory. In this context, the best editor html is Notepad (Notepad). It is from him that one should begin studying the language html, typing tags manually, because in this waythey remain in memory. Of course, it's very difficult to find the tag every time to insert it into the page code, but you can learn the main tags in this way, and then go to work in the editors html.

In addition to performing a variety of functions, editors html are also different in price. Their cost ranges from $ 155 to free distribution. Free editors, respectively, perform fewer functions. However, one should also take into account that if you are going to seriously deal with the manufacture of sites, it is better not to spare money and buy one of the above mentioned combined editors html, although they are more than all. Of course, you can always find pirated versions on the Internet, but they do not allow you to fully use all the features and functions of the editor html. For example, in the pirated version of the editor Microsoft Frontpage will not be supported JavaScript and ASP, and in Macromedia Dreamveawer you will have to do without a visual editor.

Of course, the choice is yours. Choose the best html editor according to their preferences and capabilities, but it is better to give preference to proven combined and most popular editors.</ em </ p>