Details on how to save the saved password in "Chrome"

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Sometimes Internet usersthe question of how to save the saved password in "Chrome". This is quite an understandable phenomenon, especially among those who have not reinstalled the operating system for the first time because of all sorts of viruses. Let's see how you can keep your passwords. This can be very useful, especially when you are registered on many sites.

how to save the saved password in chrome

Manage requests

So, before saving the saved passwordin "Chrome", let's see how the browser works with the object we are considering. The thing is that if you do not understand such things, then the work will be considerably hampered. There is a probability and at all to delete the saved data without an opportunity of their restoration in the further.

After you have installed the Internet browser, you haveyou will by default include all the necessary settings to save the entered data. So, at the first authorization on this or that site you will be asked if you want to keep the login and password for this page. If you press "yes", then you do not have to remember the login and the password every time you try to go to the site.

However, if you are thinking about how tosave the saved password in "Chrome", you should first know how to enable the saves function. Sometimes for some reason (system failures) the browser stops remembering your passwords. Then you must manually enable this function. Go to the main menu "Chrome" - "Settings" - "Saving passwords." Using the slider at the top of the screen, you can adjust this option. Namely, turn it on or off. But now let's talk in more detail with you about how to save the saved password in "Chrome".


So, the first way that will help you to keep all bookmarks and passwords in your places after reinstalling the operating system or clean installation of the browser is account synchronization.

The thing is that recently in "Google" wasit was decided to create this function. With the help of an account, any user can restore their data on any computer where the same-named browser is installed. So you do not need to worry about the integrity and safety of your data. In order to answer the question about how to save the saved password in "Chrome", it is worth to dig a little in the settings. There you need to select "Advanced settings", then check the box "Prompt to save passwords". After you select the synchronization of data after reinstallation, all of them will return to their places.

 remove saved password in chrome

The grandfather's method

So, if you consider the above methodsomething awkward, then let's see how to save the saved password in "Chrome" so that it can be used anywhere and anytime, no matter where you are. The main thing is that the necessary browser is installed and the Internet is available.

Quite often you can see how userssearch the world wide web for places where data is stored. So, if you do not completely trust the full "mechanization", you can once again be reinsured. Let's see where in "Chrome" saved passwords remain after working with them.

Of course, I have to dig a little onsystem drive. Typically, this is "C". Then find the "Local" folder. There go to Google, and from there to "UserData". This is where all the passwords that were once entered are stored. Simply copy them to a removable media and load as necessary in the above described way. That's all. True, sometimes there is a need to delete some data. We will figure out how to do this.

 where in chrome saved passwords


How to delete a saved password in Chrome? First you need to go to the browser settings. In the "Save passwords" section, find the one that is to be deleted further. You can find it by navigating through the sites. Tick ​​all necessary passwords in the checkboxes, then click on the "Delete" button. Wait until the process is finished, after which it is best to restart the browser. That's all.