How can I change the background color on the site?

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You can fully customize your blog or website very easily. This article describes how to simply change the font in the header and the background image of the page.

Bloggers and site owners usually change the background,to make your resource visually more attractive to visitors. However, the background image that is added incorrectly can confuse the visitor, and even cause distrust to your site or blog and the reluctance to visit it again. To add a background correctly, it's important to use the appropriate HTML codes.

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There are just a few simple HTML codes, with which you can change the appearance of your existing site. Many users do not even guess how easy it is.

How to set the font

First of all, you will need to add fourMeta-tag anywhere after the <head>. You can simply copy the symbols shown below and insert them into your resource, after removing the spaces.

background color in html

How to set the background color

Open the page in the HTML of your blog or site. When editing a page in offline mode, you can open it in Dreamweaver to make it easier for you to work. If your site is created through a designer, some services allow you to change HTML settings online by going to the "Design" page and selecting the "Edit HTML" tab. In either case, you should be able to access the HTML codes for your blog or website. The configuration process can vary greatly depending on what services are available to you and which engine you use.

Do not try to look for a separate image withAnother color, if all you need to do is change the background color. Instead, you can simply edit the HTML and change the existing color to the one you want to save.

You can easily find the HTML color chart in specialized publications without problems. Each color is displayed in the markup as a six-digit code. For example, the white background is designated as #FFFFFF.

So, find the color code that you want to see on your site as the background color that defines it. In the markup, this will look like this:

body {

background-color: #XXXXXX; {

After you save the background color in HTML, you will see that the appearance of your page is changed.

White background

Add a background image

Select the image you want to addas a background. There are many sites that allow you to download such backgrounds. In addition, you can use a picture that is already saved on the computer.

Fill the image on the Internet. Many allow you to upload images for free. Get a URL-link to your background image. To do this, you need to open the image in your browser and copy the URL.

Paste the code to add the image as a background. In HTML, it looks like this:

body {

background-image: url (image URL);

You need to add the code to the place wherethe body of the page begins in HTML. Save the changes after editing and upload your site. You can see that the image completely replaced the background color.

However, remember that too much picturescan take a very long time to load, which will be unpleasant for many visitors. For this reason, try to select small images for this purpose.