School Arcadia Parovozova: how to participate in the program?

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"School of Arkady Parovozov" - this is the real continuation of the same cartoon. Broadcasting the series takes place on weekends, so many have the opportunity to watch the transfer.

Who is Arkady Parovozov?

He does not need a detailed introduction. He has a target audience, which since 2012 is crazy about his exploits. This is a real hero of our time: he saves children from trouble, the cosmonaut, can fly and always comes to the aid of restless Sasha and Masha. He possesses such characters of character as resourcefulness, intelligence, kindness and courage. "School of Arcadia Parovozova" was created as part of the animated series in 2013. The project teaches the basics of life safety.

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Who runs the program

The project is presented by two leading - Ivan and Lena. But information about the upcoming tests is commented on by Arkady himself.

Rescue teams

Despite the stunning qualities of the protagonist,"School of Arkady Parovozov" can not do without small assistants. It is for active participation in the program that ordinary children are invited. Every thirty-minute issue is a new adventure. Young rescuers undergo a variety of tests and demonstrate acquired skills, endurance, agility and dedication. The only goal is to win the match. "Arcadia Parovozova School" teaches children to overcome obstacles, develop strength and help people.

Teams of children are given mobile assignments,requiring maximum concentration and speed of action. The main goal is to save the cartoon characters cut from cardboard. The team that is faster than the other "saved" all Sash and Mash from a dangerous situation wins. To achieve the result, the "Arcadia Parovozova School" offers children to pull the rope, climb a tight net, jump on the car tires. These and other difficulties help children demonstrate their physical form.

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"School of Arkady Parovozov": how to get to the shooting

Many children dream to be on the scene of the participantsteam, seeing the program on TV. In fact, there is such a chance for everyone who will fulfill certain requirements and will approach by age. Children take part in the shooting from 7 to 12 years. It is necessary to have a team of four people and a senior leader. Then you need to apply for an email address, which will be reviewed by the administration of the project "Arcadia Parovozova School." "Carousel" - a channel that is deservedly loved by children and adults. Such programs help in the upbringing of the younger generation.