A double chance in bets: what is it and how to make money on it?

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If you are new and not yet good enoughunderstand the bookmaker affairs, you may have a question about the strategy of "double chance in bets." What is it and how to win big money with it? Let's understand.

What does the double chance in bets mean?

If you want to earn in bettingoffices, you should carefully study all kinds of strategies. Perhaps, one of the most popular rates is the "double chance" strategy. As you can see from the title, the double-betting strategy means that the odds of winning are doubled. In this type of betting, there are three outcomes: 1X, X2 or 12. It is deciphered this way: either the victory of the first team or a draw (1X), or the victory of the second team or a tie (X2), and 12 is the victory of the first or second team, t that is, in fact it is a bet against the result of a "draw".

double chance in bets what it is

Analysis by example

Usually the "double chance" betting strategyIt is used only in those sports where three possible outcomes of the game are possible. The most popular of them are football, hockey or basketball. Take for example two football teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid. If, according to your calculations, the victory is for Barcelona or the game ends in a draw, then it is advisable to choose a strategy of 1X. In case you doubt who will be the winner, but you are sure that the result will not be a "draw", it is better to choose the bet 12. It is in this case that you will win money, regardless of who won.

which means a double chance in bets

Take a random example from one bookmaker office. Here are the following quotes:

  1. The victory of the first team (P1) is 1.50.
  2. The victory of the second team (P2) - 8.15.
  3. Draw (X) - 4.20.
  4. Double chance 1X - 1.14.
  5. The double chance of X2 is 2.75.

Then, using our double-rate strategy, we get the following:

Probability П1: 1 / 1.50 x 100% = 66%Probability 1X = 66% + 23% = 89%
Probability P2: 1 / 8.15 x 100% = 12%Probability X2 = 12% + 23% = 45%
Probability X: 1 / 4.20 x 100% = 23%

As you can see, the chances of winning significantlyincreased from 66% (in case of victory of the first team) to 89%, and from 12% (if the second team wins) to 45%. The ability to hedge your bet in case the result of the game is a "draw" - that's what a double chance in betting means. Suppose, if you choose a 1X bet with a quotation of 2.30, and your amount is $ 100, then if you win, your amount will increase by 2.30 times. In the end, you win $ 230, net profit is $ 130. With betting on larger amounts, you can win big money.

Advantages of this strategy

Advantages of choosing a "double chance" strategy in bets(what this gives and what benefits can be obtained, we disassembled above on a concrete example) are obvious. First, this strategy allows you to choose two results out of a total of three, which increases the possibility of winning. Secondly, the risk of losing all money immediately decreases. For this reason, many beginners choose a "double chance" strategy in bets. That this is some sort of security for the funds invested in case of a result of a "tie" is understood by the employees of the betting companies, that is why the coefficients and quotes for this double chance strategy are much lower than, for example, in the standard rate of the 1X2 type.

which means a double chance in bets

Disadvantages of the "double chance" bet

Perhaps the most important shortcoming of the strategy"double chance" in bets (that it can be seen right away) is a low coefficient factor. Although many are consciously going to reduce quotes to hedge their forecast in the event that both teams receive the same number of points.

It is also worth noting that for successful earningson this strategy, you need to keep an eye on the statistics of both teams. It is necessary to thoroughly study the entire history of games and meetings of selected teams, regardless of football or hockey. If it is wrong to determine 1X or X2, then you can lose your entire bet. With such risks and at low rates, you should carefully consider your forecasts before making a bet on large amounts.

betting strategy double chance

A few tricky tricks

With a good knowledge of the behavior of both teams, you cana long time to resort to the strategy of a double chance and win big money. Let's look at the specifics of this strategy and find out in which cases it will be profitable to issue such a bet. Suppose, play "Barcelona" and "Atletico" on the field of blue-garnet. Quotations for the victory of the first team - 1.7, for winning mattresses - 4.5, and for the result in a draw - 6.0. Most likely, "Barcelona" will win or draw a tie, but does not lose at home stadium, so it will be advisable to choose a strategy for 1X. Thus, you can hedge your bet in case of a result of a "draw".

However, if the statistics of the two teams most often indicate the presence of an explicit outsider or insider, it will be more advantageous to use a bet of 12, since the coefficient for such a choice is usually higher.

When betting on large amounts and using the "double chance" strategy, you can earn fabulous money in bookmakers.