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Quotes about roses are very popularlovers and romantically minded people. Young people want to pamper their beautiful ladies and therefore choose this exquisite flower as a gift. Rose is a symbol of love and deep respect. Each girl wants to receive a bouquet of her favorite flowers as a gift and expects her chevalier of words of recognition.

"He who loves roses can not be evil" (R. McKinley)

It is generally accepted that such exquisite flowers cangive only good people who care about others in every possible way. An insensible person is not at all touched by the beauty of a snow-white, tender pink or red rose. He can not genuinely admire the structure of the petals, their natural vulnerability. The mystery of the rose has long attracted true romantics.

quotes about roses

Many young men prefer to go on a date toliked the girl not with empty hands, but with such a sweet gift. Quite popular are the quotes about roses. Red specimens cause more worship and admiration.

"Roses instill love for nature, and spines - respect" (A. Ligov)

It can hardly be argued with the fact that thisthe flower is respected not only for its beauty. The dual nature of the rose is known to everyone: it at first sight seems extremely fragile and defenseless. A sensitive person has a natural desire to protect with all his might everything that is connected with memories of the one to whom the present was intended. Citations about roses are mainly aimed at revealing beauty and uniqueness. When you see this flower, it seems that he needs infinite protection and will disappear without careful care.

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But if you just touch the highstalk hand, like thorns scratching the palm and causing pain. Here is the hidden possibility of a rose. Its thorns cause respect. So credulity and openness are replaced by the reaction of self-defense.

"A little bouquet is different, and another woman is pleased with one rose" (Ya. Gaudin)

Each of the fair sex, at leastonce in her life she received this desirable gift for her. The difference is that many people tend to take this gift from a man as a matter of course. They do not even consider it their duty to thank an obliging chevalier. In another case, the girl waits for a long time waiting for attention and timid recognition, so she is happy even for the one and only flower that is presented to her. Quotes about roses underscore the undeniable importance of sincere feelings.

"Roses are more truthful than us - they know how to show spikes" (A. Pekhov)

Among people there is often slyness and deceit. Rosa with all its appearance immediately demonstrates not only delicate petals, but also thorns. The flower is very attractive to itself, but not everyone will risk missing it with bare hands. Quotes about roses and thorns symbolize the complexity of human relationships. They tell us why it is so important to remain sincere and be able to overcome significant obstacles.

quotes about roses and thorns

Thus, quotes about roses, of course, deserve the attention of readers. They inspire poets to create new works, make the heart beat harder and believe in miracles.