How to save the password in "Contact" from scammers: we come up with a password


So, today we will talk with you about howsave the password in "Contact" in its integrity and security from other people's eyes and various scammers. As a rule, this issue is especially acute for those who prefer to store important data on the World Wide Web. So, let's quickly see how to save the password in "Contact" unharmed, and even not forget it yourself.

how to save the password in contact


Well, the first option that only canto come to mind is the use of specialized applications that can generate passwords. Now they can be found very much in a free access. The program for passwords in "Contact" is a good move if you know how to supplement the received combination.

The whole point is that if you think aboutsecurity of your account in a social network, then you have to somehow diversify the passwords that are given to you by applications. What is generated automatically is usually very easy to crack. Thus, you can not answer how to save the password in "Contact" from scammers. However, if you are not afraid - you can try using such applications. And we at this time will try with you to come up with an algorithm that helps to create interesting, complex, yet easy-to-remember passwords.

The basis

Let's start with the fact that for no onea secret that in "Contact" login and password are very important elements. So, if we really can not protect the first point, then here's the second component - easily. Now we will do it.

in contact username and password

The first thing you have to do is think ofthe so-called basis for our future password. It is best to choose a significant surname, an important word or event for you. With all this, if you are thinking how to save the password in "Contact", then it is better to specify the information that no one knows about. For example, the nickname of your first pet, who lived with you about 10 years ago. After that you can proceed to the next stage.


Strictly speaking, now that the basis is alreadyit is necessary to think carefully about some "dilutions" that will help us secure the future password, but at the same time make our combination easy to remember. If you are thinking how to save the password "VC", then we have nothing left but to add some word to the basis.

It can be a favorite phrase, name, surname - everything,anything. The name of the computer game, favorite drink or weather - the main thing, do not forget that you decided to insert. Usually this inscription is placed before or after the main word. You can also insert significant dates, year of birth and so on. If you want - even your "nickname" on the Internet, which you use on most sites. Nevertheless, this is not all the ways to help answer how to keep the password in "Contact" in complete safety. Now we'll see a few more interesting tricks.

how to save the password


For example, a rather interesting method isthe so-called mirror combination. It, as a rule, consists of a set of symbols that are inserted into the beginning and end of the password. An interesting way. It will help to protect your data, because modern crackers are not yet able to "get" such combinations.

Now let's see with you about what is at stakein a clear example. Suppose that our password looked like this before conversion: tatoshka1986. Now we decided to apply a mirror technique. Choose any combination of characters on the keyboard. Let's say: [email protected]$. We paste the characters in the password and get: [email protected][email protected]~. This will be our password, which is quite easy to remember. However, now let's look at one more feature.

How to remember?

Well, it's good when we use only login and password in the "Contact". And what if we have a lot of accounts in social networks and programs? How to remember where and what is the password?

program for passwords in contact

Quite easy and simple. Attribute in the end the abbreviation of the site to which this or that combination belongs. Let's see what the past example is about. We received your password: [email protected][email protected]~. Suppose that it was invented for us specially for the social network Vkontakte. For it we use ^ vk. So, the result will look like this:[email protected][email protected]~ ^ inc.For "Skype", for example, you can use "sk", "facebook" - "fcb" and so on. This will help you not only to diversify your password, but also not to forget where it comes from. That's all. Now you know how to save the password in "Contact" from scammers and do not forget it.