How to delete a saved password in "Contact" ("Yandex.Browser" and others)


If you are an active usersocial networks, then, perhaps you will be interested to learn how to delete a saved password in "Contact", because sometimes we do not need the browser to store the data we use to enter this or that site.

How to delete a saved password in a contact

For example, you forgot your device at home, but youurgently need to enter your page "VC" and agree with a friend about the meeting. Alternatively, a person can enter a computer club and use another device. But if you do not install the checkbox next to the "Alien computer" option, then the login and password will be saved in the web browser. As a result, your page in the social network can open any "user" by using the device after you.

That's why you need to know how to get rid of the passwords stored in the browser. In the proposed article, we will talk about the three most popular Web browsers: Yandex, Chrome and Opera.

How to delete a saved password in "Contact" in "Yandex.Browser"

Certainly, one of the most popularWeb browsers today are rightly considered "Yandex.Browser". Running on the same engine as Google Chrome, it also has its advantages. However, now we are not talking about the merits of this browser, but about how to delete a saved password in "Contact" or login data to any other site while working in this web browser.

How to delete a saved password in a contact in the Yandex browser

So, in the right corner, from the top, find the button on thewhich depicts three horizontal strips. Click on it, refer to the "Settings" section, and then scroll down the page and go to advanced settings by clicking the appropriate button. Find the "Passwords and Autocomplete" subsection and click "Manage passwords". A window will open, where you can select and delete data from any site on which you are registered.

How to delete saved passwords in Opera

When you learned how to delete a saved password in"Contact" in "Yandex" (browser), we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the actions that need to be performed in order to perform the same operation in the "Opera".

How to delete a saved password in a contact

So, launch the web browser "Opera" andOpen the menu by clicking the button with the logo of the browser in the upper left corner. In the next step, refer to the "Settings" option, and then to the "Security" section. Here you are interested in the button "Managing saved passwords". Click it, and in the appeared window you will see a list of sites and saved passwords that can be deleted by clicking on the cross.

In addition, you have the opportunity to view the password from a particular resource, on which you are registered. To do this, click "Show" next to the site you want to find the data for.

How to remove passwords in "Chrome"

If you use Google Chrome browser, then to get rid of saved passwords, you need to perform almost the same actions as in the case of Yandex.Browser.

How to delete a saved password in a Yandex contact

To get started, go to the Chrome settings andclick on the link "Show advanced settings". In the "Passwords and forms" section, click the "Configure" button, which is located near the "Prompt to save passwords for sites" item. You already know how to delete the saved password in "Contact" in the browsers "Opera" and "Yandex", so with Chrome you should not have problems.


It should be noted that for this procedure you can also use the program CCleaner, in the interface which even the inexperienced user will understand.

Now that you understand how to delete a savedpassword in "Contact" or on any other site, be sure to apply the received knowledge in practice, especially if you forgot to mark the item "Another's computer".