How to remove underlining in an HTML page link?


When developing a web page,to face the need to insert a link into the text. But in some cases, you want a special design of the text that refers to another page. To do this, you need to understand how to remove the underline in the HTML page link.

How do I insert a link?

Before studying the question, how to remove underliningin the HTML link, you should understand the installation of the link in the text. It is very difficult to introduce sites without mating transitions. After all, in this case, each page would represent a long chain, containing the entire volume of text, which now can be found neatly distributed on hundreds of pages.

How to remove the underline in the html link

To associate an item with anotherpage, you can use the special tag <a>, inside of which you should specify the link parameter href. If you need to go to some other site, then after this attribute you should completely write down the site address, and if the link is internal, then it is enough to use only its part, starting it with "/", as shown in the example:

  • <a href="/page.html">My page</a>

Depending on the tasks, the appearancelinks can be changed. So, you can choose the color, font style, its type (bold, italics), and also carry out the correction by removing the underscore. So, the question is how to remove the underline in the HTML link? Very simple!

Link without underscore

Among the set of attributes of the <a> tag, there is a css-style text-decoration property. By default, this option is enabled for references, and by disabling it with the notation text-decoration: none, you'll see that it turned out an HTML link without underscore. In this example, the link will only have a selection in blue, and the underscore will be removed.

  • <a href="" style="text-decoration:none;"> Link without underscore</a>

html link without underscore

When do I need to remove the underscore?

After figuring out how to remove the underline inlink to an HTML page, it's worth considering when such a move might be useful. Naturally, the design of the link does not affect its characteristics. Regardless of the presence or absence of underscore, it will correctly navigate to the specified address.

How to remove the underline in the html link

Removing underlines is often used tothe appearance of menu buttons, where extra lines will interfere with the perception of information. Also, the lack of underlined text is often used for advertising links, hiding them among the abundance of text, making its color similar to the main one. Some sites completely refuse to use the underscore of links, so at the beginning of the page the parameters are specified in the style block, where the style of the <a> tag is defined, so there is no need to explicitly indicate the absence of underlined text for each link.