How to insert a picture in html? detailed instructions


We will tell you about what is html and howinsert picture in html. So, in order to explain what it is, we must say that by visiting Internet resources, you constantly observe the result of its work, because all pages, sites consist of elements created with the help of html.

What is it? The abbreviated name html stands for HyperText Markup Language, the hypertext markup language. This language allows you to perform transitions from one piece of text to another, and these pieces can be stored as on one computer, and on different, located even on different sides of the planet. With the help of coding, it is possible to arrange the placement of texts, images, video files, tables, and we see correctly located, easily viewed and readable Internet pages.

HTML does not apply to programming languages, becauseIt was created only for marking the pages of the Internet. It is he who gives a special command to our browsers that display what is passed in the code information. Internet browsers of different companies can differently recognize the data of the html-code. When creating pages, you should view your work in more popular browsers, such as Mozilla, IE and Opera.

The constituent parts of the code are the so-calledtags. They consist of names that carry a certain meaning (color, width, height, specific font, location, etc.). This applies to both the text and the video, audio files or images added to it.

How to insert a picture in html-this question may interest many people who are beginning to learn this markup language for working on the site. We will tell you in detail how to do it right.

To insert a picture into html, we need several important tags and a link to the required picture.

HTML-code allows the use of image files of types such as JPEG, GIF, PNG. We want to note that the IMG element - the image does not have a closing tag.

What does the standard HTML code look like to add an image to text?

Like this:

<img src = "/ images / link to picture" Picture Name </ a>

We decrypt the data of this code. As you already know, img is an image designation. It is followed by the mandatory parameter src - this is an element pointing at the address, the URL of the image to be added. Note that the link to the image is placed strictly within the quotation marks, then the next place for the image name. You can think of it yourself, if it is not indicated by the author. The html image is closed by the closing tag -, which closes the code.

Here so the experts creating an Internet-page, decided the question of how to insert a picture in html. To supplement the knowledge acquired in this field, we will introduce you to some other elements of the html code that can be useful to you in the process of adding a picture.

In order for your image to bea certain place on the web page, it is necessary to specify its location. To do this, we need an ALIGN element, to which we must add some of these options - left, right, center (left, right, center) and others. This will already be done at your discretion.

And if we need to place an image in the table, how to use html? How to insert a picture in a table?

It will look like this:




<img src = "/ images / link to picture" Picture Name </ a>

</ TD>

</ TR>


Here it is worth describing unfamiliar tags for you.

TABLE - means a table that, as you can see, in thethe beginning opens and at the end has a closing tag. is the location for the row of the table, and is the cell of our table. They can be any number. These two tags can also be closed. The link is currently an item in the table cell.

BORDER is a parameter for the width of the frame, which is denoted in pixels.

Now you know not only the secret of how to insert a picture in html, but also how to use the elements of this language to place the image you selected in the table - the frame.